Nate LudensNate Ludens, Director of Social Data at Digital Royalty, published “Why Target Your Audience On Facebook?” on the company’s blog in December 2014.
The team at Digital Royalty compiled trends to create an infographic.
“We’re finding great success alongside our partners using new social advertising products, more efficient and impactful tracking tools and unprecedented segmentation capabilities,” Nate Ludens said. “I work on partner analytics. Social is always scrutinized, so we need to deliver solid results. I test new analysis software and help data partners develop new features. I manage some great agency accounts, I help with corporate training sessions, and basically just try to lend a hand to my team wherever they need it.”
When asked what #VegasTech companies should be doing when it comes to advertising on Facebook, Nate Ludens says the answer is simple – spend some money.
“You’d be shocked what you can accomplish with some creativity and a few boosted posts and small campaigns that don’t cost as much as your last bar tab,” he said. “It’s in Facebook’s best interest for your ads to work. Another thing I see people doing is letting their personal Facebook opinions cloud their judgement about it’s potential as a business tool. ​Just because you get a bunch of game invites and the mobile app is clunky doesn’t mean it can’t be a huge resource for market research or blowing out a huge product launch through it’s unprecedented interest targeting ad products.”
Why Target Your Audience On Facebook?
“We joke around the office about absolutes. “Millennials are all leaving Facebook,” “Nobody’s using Google Plus,” and “Desktop is dead” but yeah… Desktop is dead,” Nate Ludens explained. “Don’t buy that garbage until you see the stats & the context.​ This community gets mobile probably better than I do, but I’d remind you that more people have a smart phone than a toothbrush globally, and in the US, we spend 25% of our media time on mobile devices. Yet, big, slow advertisers spend only 11% of their budgets on mobile, waiting for good ROI tracking for the bean counters. That gap equals opportunity.”
Nate Ludens suggests that before startups ​are ready to promote a post on Facebook, they should learn what a good post looks like to their fan base.
“Fundamentals like asking lots of questions, having a great profile and using great imagery are a must before you pay to have people consume it,” he suggests. “You can grab the fundamentals anytime on the Digital Royalty website. Both our 8 Royal Rules class and Personal Branding classes are free from our homepage and full of legit best-practices.”
He suggests #VegasTech startups check out sites to track for Facebook Ads such as, and then be sure to connect to the official Facebook Pages for Business and get updates from the source.
About Digital Royalty: Digital Royalty specializes in developing digital integrated social communication strategies for corporate brands, professional athletes and teams/leagues. Helping our partners humanize their brands is the core of our digital strategy. We’ve worked with partners including, Hilton Worldwide, FOX Sports, Trek Factory Racing, the LPGA, Chicago White Sox, Shaquille O’Neal and the American Red Cross, among others.