Creating GeniusThis first issue of Creating Genius Magazine was recently published and the locally produced digital publication promises to give readers the insights of entrepreneurs everywhere. The team behind the project says their mission is to help dreamers become doers and awake the genius inside.
“Creating Genius Magazine started off as the idea that everyone has genius in them,” said Michael Durant, Publisher & CEO. “It’s about being able to find and release it. The experience of discovering and telling stories of people who have a proven track record of success could help others release their own genius. We wanted to build a platform that allows other doers and ‘visioneers’ to build something that truly matters and leave a legacy worth leaving.”
Editor-In-Chief Lee Constantine says his favorite story in the first issue of Creating Genius Magazine is the piece covering The Malala Fund.
“It was an amazing writeup and their cause to empowering girls everywhere,” he said. “We fully support the cause and want to share their story with the world.”
The team says other top stories have been one exploring Pitchswag, an entrepreneur incubator in London, as well as a story about Rochelle Baltimore with Dream In Motion. Read both stories in the first issue here.
Lee Constantine says the magazine’s first issue is dedicated to everyone who played a role in creating the finished product.
“The entire team at Creating Genius Magazine, all of our superb writers, the entire team at Smith Durant Group, the Bright Agency Group, Dream In Motion, Krista Whitley, and so many others who take our vision and make it their own,” he said. “The VegasTech community has been a help and a huge source of inspiration. We hope to deepen that further as we grow our presence in other entrepreneur communities around the world. We have an amazing team of writers and are adding more dedicated journalists in major entrepreneurs cities across the United States and a few abroad. The biggest help is always with engagement. We will continue developing a product worthy of sharing.”
The team says the next step for Creating Genius Magazine is to take global media by storm and the spring issue will launch soon.
“We have more huge stories on deck and want to expand our reach to entrepreneurs everywhere, and on a consistent basis,” said Lee Constantine. Our Issue 1 cover story was a fund focused on helping entrepreneur initiatives in third world countries and the founder won the Noble Peace Prize. That caliber of story is the driving force behind our vision and what our readers should come to expect.”
“The next step for Creating Genuis is to become a global media hub for entrepreneurs and business leaders, not just the magazine, but television and radio production also,” add Michael Durant. “This vision has given us the ability to be open to bigger possibilities, i.e. our merger with Smith Durant Group. The further we go into entrepreneurs communities around the world the more we learn. There is a lot of people who feel like they’re alone. Our platform, our hub, gives them the ability to share and connect with others who are going through the same things. It also provides them with a business model to help them realize their true visions, to help  bring their imagination to reality, to help more dreamers become doers.”