Want To Know About The Newest Las Vegas Tech Startups?

Throughout our time hosting our monthly LevelUp events, we have seen some of the brightest minds come to Las Vegas collaborate and present their amazing startup ideas.

Throughout our community, we encourage startups from all industries to participate and network, but as companies continue to evolve with technology, we have seen an influx in new tech startups come by and join our community.

Since new technological advancements are quickly on the rise, and since it is nearing the end of 2021, I thought this article would be fitting to share with you a few tech startups that have joined our community that you should be aware of for next year.

Many of the startups listed today did not originate in Las Vegas, however, they have all joined our Startup Vegas community and are making waves throughout the city.

With all that being said, here are four Las Vegas Tech Startups that will absolutely EXPLODE in 2022.

1. Wondour / VISIONAID

Wondour is one of many Las Vegas Tech Startups that is set to take off in 2022.

With the help of Wondour, applications in 85 countries currently have reached Apple App Store’s Top 100 list.

They are currently working with Harvard Medical School researchers on age-related biomarker testing software and are TCL’s first app development partner for the newly launched NXTWEAR G smart glasses.

While Taylor and Dylan are helping develop state-of-the-art technologies, they have also begun a passion project of theirs known as VISIONAID – a pair of electronic glasses for the visually impaired.

The project was largely influenced by Dylan’s grandfather Cornell, who has recently experienced significant vision loss due to various eye diseases.

To combat this unfortunate circumstance, Taylor and his team members launched their first-ever prototype of VISIONAID, which allowed Cornell to read a restaurant menu for the first time in years.

After this incredible success, the team is now focused on providing a solution for the hundreds of millions of people around the world who suffer from Macular Degeneration, Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Optic-Nerve-Atrophy, Retinitis, and other conditions affecting eyesight.

While current treatments are expensive and ineffective, VISIONAID plans to provide a non-invasive solution via digital glasses with camera lenses that capture the world in front of the user, then manipulate the image using advanced software technologies to specifically accommodate the user’s particular malady and needs.

Here is an example of a project related to smart glasses that Taylor and his team were able to partner and work on.

2. Halo.Car

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Although Halo.Car may not have originated in Vegas, Anand Nandakumar and his team had the chance to speak at one of our last events, and is a proud member of our community.

Halo.Car is a fascinating startup that will experiment with its driverless cars in Las Vegas in the coming years.

The company takes the idea of Tesla’s autopilot feature and brings it to an entirely new level.

The company serves as an all-electrical car rental service that uses the power of 5G to deliver driverless vehicles to your location.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how Halo.Car works:

Step 1: Request a car with your smartphone.

Step 2: A driverless halo.car will arrive to your location for you to drive.

Step 3: Drive the car to your desired destination.

Step 4: Exit the vehicle once you have reached your destination.

Step 5: The car will now automatically drive itself back to a garage as it waits for the next user to request to drive it.

Within just a few years that the company has been in business, it has already gained national attention from the likes of Forbes, Yahoo Finance, TechCrunch, T-Mobile, and more.

Watch this video to learn more about the fascinating service of Halo. Car.

3. Safe Arbor

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Marta Venture and Lindsay Ballengee also had the chance to share the stage with other impressive startups as they shared the innovative smart lockers they provide for the cannabis industry.

Safe Arbor provides electronic lockers similar to those provided by Amazon in order to improve the way goods are stored and sold.

The team at Safe Arbor is ramping up its efforts to gain momentum since they are currently in a position to provide value to dispensary owners who are struggling to run their stores because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With minimal staffing due to health restrictions, Safe A bor allows dispensaries here in Las Vegas to remain operational as customers do not need to interact with sales staff members to pick up their orders.

Customers can place orders online and simply drive to a Safe Arbor locker and complete a transaction without ever engaging with another person as long as they have their driver’s license and debit/credit card.

Throughout the year, the team at Safe Arbor has been featured in media outlets like Fox 5, Forbes, Las Vegas Weekly, Dope Magazine, and more as their solution has increased sales volume, increased operational efficiencies, and minimized the cost of customer service for dispensary owners.

Here is a quick interview from KSNV and Safe Arbor co-founder Lindsay Ballengee.


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Additionally, we had the honor of listening to the team at HEATR present their real-time sports betting tracking mobile app.

With the rise of sports betting in recent years, the team at HEATR has identified that sports betting is becoming an increasingly popular activity for many sports lovers, and there is no central platform to track all of a user’s bets before, during, or after live events.

Along with this, there is automated insight in one centralized location to see the real-time scores and outcomes of the event that a user has bet on.

Today, after placing a bet, users have to search for game scores and then manually calculate their results outside of the platform where they placed their bet.

HEATR combines a user’s bets and game scores on a single screen and is automatically updating outcomes and results in real-time. 

Further, there is no readily available set of analytics to show a user’s historical betting performance.

For example, today there is no easy way for you to determine how successful you are if you wanted to see how much money you have won or lost in the last week of baseball games or for all parlays in the last year. 

Lastly, there is not a prominent platform that encourages social integration or sharing of betting outcomes with friends.

Since betting tends to be a very social activity, the team at HEATR wants to advocate for a platform to be able to share your bets with others to enhance the sports viewing experience. In order to solve these issues, HEATR has created a one-stop-shop mobile application to integrate all of the features and functionalities for sports and sports betting enthusiasts while also providing historical and real-time data to help users make smarter decisions.


The list mentioned above includes just a few of the incredible startups that we have had the pleasure of collaborating with at a few of our most recent monthly events.

With a strong team, vision, business model, and support from our community, we strongly believe that these startups have the potential for massive growth in the coming years.

We look forward to seeing all the amazing things these founders do in the years to come!

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