How can new startups get funding and mentorship here in Nevada?

Alongside Startup Vegas, there are many other organizations that we love to collaborate with that provide excellent support to our local startup community.

One of the organizations that we love is StartupNV, Nevada’s state-wide business incubator and startup accelerator.

In this article, I want to share how this awesome resource is helping skyrocket new businesses all around Nevada, and why this can be an awesome resource for you to help grow your startup.

New Startups Funded By StartupNV

As mentioned in a previous article, Startup NV, is Nevada’s State-wide startup accelerator and incubator that guides new entrepreneurs down a linear path to take their ideas and transform them into a marketable product or service.

I thought I would write a more in-depth article about the benefits of enrolling in a program at StartupNV at this time since StartupNV has just recently announced that the team at Startup NV is providing entrepreneurs a chance to win $200,000 when they enroll in their startup boot camp.

In May of this year, the founders at Safe Arbor , won the $200,000 prize as they help business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic operate effectively with minimal staffing via their smart locker technology.

Learn more about how their lockers work here and check out the nterview below to learn more about how StartupNV is helping companies like Safe Arbor.

Startup Accelerator

Startup NV looks for scalable companies with founders who are fully invested in pursuing their business dream.

Throughout the course of 12 weeks, new founders are coached from various business professionals to develop and test their products in the market by selling to real customers.

Here is a quick week-by-week breakdown of what enrolled members in the Accelerator program experience:

Week 1: Dilligence & Preparation

This first week will be spent looking at your business plan and how strategizing all marketing, sales, and operational initiatives needed to be able start selling to the market.

Week 2-5: Prospect Development

These four weeks are spent constructing an ideal customer profile and building lists of prospects that match that criteria.

Founders can also expect to begin outreach activity towards these prospects at this stage.

Week 5-11: Sales & Customer Development

These six weeks will be spent targeting and furthering the prospects found in previous weeks down a successful sales cycle.

Week 11-13: Investor Meetings

These two weeks are spent towards garnering additional interest from outside investors and also strategizing for Startup NV’s “demo days” for new founders to present their business progress to an outside audience.


GrowNV is the preliminary incubator program for StartupNV.

StartupNV divides its incubator and accelerator programs into different segments to focus on bringing companies who have already shown sufficient commitment to market, while developing action plans for entrepreneurs who enroll with simply an idea or MVP.

As shown in the graphic above, GrowNV takes founders from ideation all the way to and MVP before they can graduate to the StartupNV accelerator program.

While StartupNV only focuses on 10 companies at a time within the accelerator program, any number of participants can join the GrowNV incubator process completely free of charge.

This is a starting point for most entrepreneurs who are not yet working full-time on their efforts and still need help gathering team members, market validation, and have yet to test their idea.

For new members joining StartupNV with a business that is already generating revenue, they can opt to pitch their business to a team of business professionals to join directly into the Startup Accelerator program.

Entrepreneur BootCamp

StartupNV offers a completely free four month bootcamp dedicated to working with two startup founders every Tuesday evening via virtual or in-person meetings.

This bootcamp covers common ideas/practices that most startup founders are aware of such as understanding your ideal customer, understanding customer needs, types of MVP’s, understanding what entices people to buy a new product, and more.

This is also a great opportunity to practice building pitch decks and presenting an idea (whether real or fake) to a group of business professionals.


Jef Saling is committed to helping new startups learn how to grow their ventures.

StartupNV allows all individuals that have proven expertise in an industry to become mentors to help new businesses.

This allows the organization to have a list of mentors that is constantly evolving, allowing for new perspectives and practices to help guide people even in the most obscure niches.

If you have a proven history of expertise in a specific field that you believe would help others who are trying to break into your field of expertise, you can sign up to become a mentor here.

Investing Education

Alongside teaching entrepreneurs how to grow their new startups, this organization also provides a plethora of resources to help young angel investors grow their investment portfolios.

The team at StartupNV has noticed that there is a constant disconnect between angel investors who can’t find the right company and entrepreneurs who can’t find the right investors.

By providing both entrepreneurship education and investor education within the same organization, this is a perfect recipe to help bring young angels and young entrepreneurs together to achieve their desired outcomes.


green and white typewriter on black textile

Here are a list of companies that have raised money from StartupNV:


  • BFF Bars
  • Protect Your Tails
  • Mojave Rail Fab
  • Warfare Sports
  • WumGo
  • Where’s The Food Truck
  • Door To Door Health

50k -250k

  • Trenlot
  • Masquerade MediaNet
  • KappaToys
  • SportsGrowth

250k – 500k

  • Mobierge

1M – 5M

  • CircleIn
  • ZenSpace
  • PantyDrop


  • Sotera Airlines
  • Talage


Alongside organizations like StartupVegas, StartupNV is another amazing resource for any aspiring entrepreneur who happens to live in Nevada.

This organization creates a concrete action plan for founders of new startups to follow in order to grow their business ventures.

With all of the amazing resources and professional support from their growing community, StartupNV is a resource that founders of new startups don’t want to miss.

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