What if I told you that there are plenty of startup business ideas that you can start with just the device in front of you?

Although I wrote a previous list related to startup business ideas for new entrepreneurs to start, I felt the need to make another list that eliminates all excuses for starting as these items only require a phone to start and scale.

The interesting thing about this list is that, as technology continues to advance, it will continue to expand.

As I will share later on in this article, more and more success stories are being shared of savvy entrepreneurs with one simple device and a dream.

Well, that’s enough of an introduction for me, let’s cut the chit-chat and get right to the list, shall we?

After reading this article you will have a better idea of how you can start your entrepreneurship journey with simply the phone you are using right now.

1. Online Content Creation

photography of man taking a selfie

People are launching multi-million dollar businesses from online content creation each and every day.

With the number of platforms to share content on like Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, Patreon, and Pinterest, new creators have an abundance of opportunities to gain exposure and build a brand.

TikTok, in particular, has been an incredible launching pad for new creators to gain an initial audience and disperse them across multiple channels.

TikTok promotes content in a way where new creators can build an audience quicker than other platforms, and thus many creators will use content recorded on other channels and repurpose that content for TikTok.

For example, new podcasters will extract quick 1-minute clips found in their episodes and edit them for TikTok in order to expand their listening audience.

Aside from TikTok, influencers on YouTube like Mr.Beast, a YouTuber with now over 87 million subscribers, started his content creation journey with just his iPhone and his mind.

This origin story is not unique to Mr. Beast, and is actually encouraged by the majority of the creator community on YouTube as your first video will never be perfect and will improve over time.

2. Lead Generation Business

person using both laptop and smartphone

Just like the explosion of TikTok, LinkedIn is a social media platform that is quickly gaining popularity amongst professionals in the business world.

The beauty of LinkedIn, as mentioned in my previous article, is that it is a platform that is intended to be used to connect and promote your business’s goods or services.

LinkedIn encourages users to reach out and connect with potential customers by offering their own extended feature known as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, where salespeople and business owners can find and create targeted lists of leads to attract to their business.

As long as you have LinkedIn Sales Navigator and the app installed on your phone, you can begin building lead lists and reaching out to people who fit a buyer profile for a particular business and then hand over the referrals.

Check out this video for more help in this area.

3. Videography/Photography

black Android smartphone capturing blue flower

As smartphone companies continue to improve their camera quality with each new release, it is now becoming more common to see people take professional-looking photos with just their phone, good lighting, and maybe a few filters.

The newest iPhone, the iPhone 13 Pro has such incredible camera quality that people test to see if they can tell the difference between the quality of their phone photos and photos taken with more expensive equipment.

Here’s a video that shows Alex Armitage comparing the latest iPhone’s camera quality to that of a $5,000 Canon R5.

As with many creative outlets, a more expensive piece of equipment does not ensure that the quality of the art will be better, but instead, it boils down to how the equipment is used.

In addition to photography, iPhones are being used more frequently to shoot music videos and other videography work.

Founder of Lyrical Lemonade, Cole Bennett, has recently encouraged that people interested in creating music videos for local artists start with just their iPhone to eliminate any excuse that one may have to not start their creative journey.

He also goes on to say that although he has a youtube channel of over 18 million subscribers, he will continue to post music videos that are shot with just his iPhone to show people what is possible at the palm of their hands.

This has inspired a new wave of music video creators to think outside the box and explore the capabilities of their phones before making a hefty purchase for new video equipment.

4. Digital Marketing

This is just one of many startup business ideas that can be done with just your iPhone.

Last, but never least, Digital Marketing is an essential service that more and more businesses strive for as the world transitions into the digital age.

It becomes a full-time job for business owners to post, schedule, and manage their social media posts and create regular content that is fully optimized for SEO.

After their content marketing issue is solved, then they have to worry about creating online advertisements, optimizing their website and online presence, and searching for communities online that may be perfect for their services.

Digital marketing agencies have become a great solution to not only manage all of these tasks needed to grow online, but these companies are typically experts in how to market your brand appropriately online.

There are new social media platforms for businesses to look out for and new updates to algorithms on platforms businesses are currently marketing for that, without the help of a digital marketing agency, business owners may not be familiar with and are using outdated tactics to promote themselves.

As long as you are familiar with social media, are willing to learn the basics of search engine optimization, and are willing to learn how the algorithms of popular platforms work, you can start your digital marketing adventure with just your phone.

Networking events downtown, like this one here, are perfect starting points to meet business owners that will need help optimizing their digital presence as they focus on other aspects of the company, and if you are able to schedule and optimize their content for them, they may be interested in using your help.


The goal of this article is to show entrepreneurs that you don’t need to have the most expensive equipment to start your entrepreneurial journey, and in fact, most people start off with just the resources they have on hand at the current time.

Now, to be clear, this does not mean that these ideas will be easy.

In fact, no business idea worth pursuing should be easy, however, these ideas help eliminate the excuses a young entrepreneur will tend to make in pursuit of their dreams.

Hopefully, these items encourage you to think about what you are truly capable of accomplishing with what you have today.

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