Want to know about the best Las Vegas Business Ideas that you can start right away?

Whether you are looking for a side hustle on the weekends or are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to practice starting a business, there are a handful of services you can provide today that don’t require much knowledge or talent.

You may have seen content online via paid ads, youtube videos, or blogs that try to sell a narrative that you can make millions of dollars each month without any work, talent, or knowledge at all, and I want to make this abundantly clear that the ideas provided in this article do not fit in that category at all.

The business ideas shared in this article are those that I have seen my friends, myself, or others associated with me use to make an extra bit of money.

As an aspiring entrepreneur myself, I have dabbled in each of the ventures below and I have had a handful of successes and failures with each, but I am confident that the five services I share today are totally viable, realistic, and awesome ideas for an entrepreneur to start a business without much training or talent.

For the young entrepreneur who wants to start a business sooner rather than later, or for the person who wants to make some money on the weekends, here are 5 totally awesome Las Vegas business ideas that you can start working on TODAY.

1. Landscaping/ Pet Waste Removal

This is just one of many great Las Vegas Business Ideas for you to explore.

Starting this list is the perfect side hustle for any high school or college student – landscaping.

Because of the outrageous weather conditions here in Las Vegas, outdoor labor is always desired from those who don’t want to go out under the blazing hot sun in the summer or wear five layers of jackets in the winter to clean their yard.

This service is a completely viable option for entrepreneurs of all ages, and is typically done by younger men because the startup expenses and operational expenses are minimal.

As long as you have a willingness to work, landscaping equipment, and know what a clean yard looks like, you can jump on this business idea ASAP. It might help to bring some sunscreen too.

Along with landscaping, pet waste removal services are extremely popular in Las Vegas for the exact same reason.

Not many people want to spend their weekends picking up dog poop when its over 100 degrees outside, and thus companies from all over town like Oh Crap , Poop N’ Pets , Duty Calls Pet Waste Removal, and more work hard to help solve this problem.

Pet waste removal businesses have arguably even less startup expenses and knowledge required as most companies really only need gloves and a bucket.

2. Lead Generation Business

pen on paper

In case you didn’t haven’t read our article here, the Las Vegas startup scene is exploding right now.

Dozens of founders from all over the country and world are traveling to Vegas to begin their business ventures and with every new business comes new customers.

If you are willing to invest time into learning how to prospect on platforms like LinkedIn and other social medias, you can create a business around lead referrals to new businesses.

Keep in mind that this business, just like any valuable business, is not intended to be easy.

Check out this YouTube video here to learn how to get started.

3. Digital Marketing

monitor screengrab

Just like the previous mention, many new businesses are emerging here in Las Vegas that need help marketing their services.

When ambitious founders have a business idea, the majority of their time is spent developing the product, managing the team, or trying to make sales to generate revenue.

With so many tasks that business owners are responsible for, and since startups have less team members than established businesses, posting consistently on social media is a task that is easily overlooked.

Posting content regularly quickly becomes a full-time job when you realize how much planning, effort, equipment, and SEO tactics are involved in order to gain momentum online, and thus a digital marketing agency becomes a perfect solution.

If you would like to learn more about starting a marketing agency, watch Las Vegas local Dyan Vanas’ video here where he details how he scaled his business to over $30,000 a month in revenue and his now a trusted partner for over 3,500 companies around the globe.

4. Delivery Service

woman in black and white striped long sleeve shirt sitting on black car

Next on this list of Las Vegas Business Ideas is to start a delivery service of some kind.

Although companies like Uber Eats and Doordash are typically the most popular delivery services, there are certainly niche markets that you can deliver to that these bigger companies may not be directly targeting.

For example, the cannabis industry has been exploding here in Las Vegas, and yet DoorDash CEO Tony Xu has stated publicly that the company is not ready and does not plan to deliver marijuana to customers in the near future.

Now, obviously, do your research to understand why he takes that position, but if you can find a way to solve the gap in the market, then this may be a golden opportunity for business.

Another great example is Pills2Me founder Leslie Asanga, who launched his service to help deliver prescription medicine to patients’ homes within just a few hours after placing an order.

Learn more about Pills2Me by watching this quick video listed below.

5. Photography/Videography Services

black DSLR camera floating over man's hand at the woods

Last, but certainly not least, is to start a photography/ videography service.

This is a perfect avenue for those creative individuals who are interested in the power of storytelling.

With the likes of a decent camera, editing software, and audio/video equipment, you can become a desirable asset to many new businesses here in town.

A great example of this is our friend Derek Richbell, founder of Richbell Productions, who utilized his photography skills to take photos, videos, interviews, and more of events and businesses around the country.

Learn more about Derek’s story here.


The goal of this article is not to present a list of business models that allow you to “get rich with no effort” or to “get rich quick”, but instead provide realistic avenues for entrepreneurs in all stages of life to try and launch for themselves.

Many of these may be side hustle ideas or small business ideas before launching your first grand endeavor, but these services are great opportunities for all entrepreneurs to learn more about the game of business.

If you are a young aspiring entrepreneur like myself, I hope this article serves as a guide to help you may your first leap into the world of entrepreneurship, and if you are an experienced entrepreneur reading this article, I hope that the items listed above at least spark an idea for you to monetize some of the value you may already be providing.

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