Where do you start if you want to become an entrepreneur? 

This question has plagued me for years. 

Unlike other professions, there isn’t one direct path that you can follow to start your own business. Some founders specialize in technical skills, others focus on interpersonal skills, and others utilize their artistic abilities. 

However, there does seem to be a common step included in most entrepreneurial journeys – assembling a team.

Although you can connect with virtually anyone in the world with the click of a button, one of the best ways to build meaningful business relationships is to join a networking event in your area. 

In this article, I want to share with you how you can become an entrepreneur by connecting and collaborating with others at Startup Vegas’ LinkUp event in Town Square.

What’s LinkUp?

LinkUp is an all-day networking event dedicated to any interested in entrepreneurship.

Here you can expect to collaborate with other individuals and work on new business projects with a wide range of talented individuals.

If you have a business venture that you are currently working on upon entrance, you can also find a team to help explore your ideas for your startup.

If you don’t intend on working with others, there are many more activities that may suit your liking.

Let’s take a look at what else you can do at this meetup.

Lunch And Learn

If you aren’t ready to work with a team, this event is perfect for you to sit down, eat lunch, and learn from experienced entrepreneurs that are here to help you.

Sure, you can always do that by watching videos online, but you won’t be able to interact in open-dialogue as you can at LinkUp.

Keep in mind that you are also learning from startup founders in your area, so their stories will be much more relatable and you will gain more specific insight on how to proceed with your idea.

Group Discussion

At LinkUp, you can engage in group discussion as you tackle business ideas or questions you may have.

You can expect this discussion to occur during lunch or at any group that you decide to join.

Bounce off others’ thoughts and learn in-depth stories from others chasing the same dreams as you.

Brainstorming Sessions

Startup Vegas gives you the tools you need to think through your ideas with whiteboards, markers, papers, office supplies, arts & crafts, and more.

If you happen to join a productive team that comes up with a brilliant idea, you may walk away from this event with an actionable business plan to pursue with your new collaborators.

This is also an opportunity to learn how other successful founders brainstorm ideas and what they do next after they come up with something that intrigues them.

Hang Out With Other Entrepreneurs

Just like every event held by Startup Vegas, there is no strict agenda!

In order for you to have the most fulfilling experience, it is essential that you are given complete freedom to manage your time and activities.

Events that have strict guidelines limit the possibilities of meaningful interactions with others as everyone must scramble to their next activity.

Here at LinkUp, if you are finished collaborating and learning from others, you are free to sit in the lounge and hang out with others at the event and just socialize.

We get it, an entire day of collaborating with a team may feel like another exhausting day at work, so we want you to always have the option of simply chatting with others and making new connections.

It’s completely up to you to decide wether that connection leads to a business partnership, mentorship, customer relationship, or simply a new friendship.

LinkUp Vs Other Events From Startup Vegas

At the time of this article being published, Startup Vegas offers three events for anyone to attend, especially those who want to become an entrepreneur.

These three events are:




LinkUp differs from the two others mentioned above as it incorporates elements from all three events into one single day.

From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., participants can learn from experienced founders while they sit back and eat similar to the monthly LevelUp event and participants can also collobarate through brainstorming, open diaologue, and collaboration of ideas with other members similar to the monthly SyncUp event.

LinkUp also stands out amongst the other events as it allows for a wider coworking opportunity whereas SyncUp is designed for small group interaction.

If you would like to learn more about Startup Vegas’ SyncUp event, click here and if you would like to learn more about Startup Vegas’ LevelUp event, click here.


If you can not attend the other events that we provide, or if you are looking to decide which event to participate in, consider LinkUp if you want to get hands-on experience with other entrepreneurs.

LinkUp is an incredible opportunity for you to apply the knowledge you learn with others and work through potential business ideas.

As you meet others, learn their stories, and test ideas as a group, you will leave this event with a clearer idea of how to become the entrepreneur you dream of.