When a group of #VegasTech community members gathered to revitalize VegasTech.com, one of the most important aspects of the project was having a comprehensive calendar for all of the awesome events happening in the Las Vegas tech community.
From conferences on The Strip and networking luncheons, to community speaker series events and developer meet-up groups, the group agreed this was a big task at hand.
Luckily, a Vegas-based startup called Tabeso came to the rescue to produce this amazing calendar!
“Tabeso is a system that connects Brands, Venues and Organizations with the People who care about the their happenings: Live events, public appearances, product releases, etc.” explained Joe Herrera, Tabeso co-founder and CEO.  “So, basically, anything noteworthy that people would want to know, we give Venues & Organizations the engine to educate.”

Community Calendar powered by Tabeso“We’re actually really well suited for many types of groups and communities,” added Chad Ramos, co-founder of Tabeso and VegasTech.com revitilization committee member. “We work with Chambers of Commerce, Cities, Mommy Bloggers, Charitable Organizations, Brands and all kinds of other venues & organizations that want to not only have their events listed, but be able to link those events to many different groups in that community.”

With so many community calendars floating around Las Vegas, it’s clear why the #VegasTech community was in need a place to go to find it all in one spot. Joe Herrera says when you have so many moving parts and groups associated with a community, a system which allows each group to keep a separate calendar while linking them all together in one central place is ideal.

“We are the perfect solution to keep everyone in VegasTech informed,” Joe Herrera continued. “Linking between multiple groups is a big perk. When you see an event happening at The Innevation Center and see the Las Vegas Ruby Users Group is involved, you can click right on the Ruby Group and see what other events they have.”

“In addition to that, I think it’s really cool that you can pull up the full calendar on your phone here and be able to share any event on Facebook, Twitter or via text,” adds Chad Ramos.

Don’t see your event listed on the VegasTech.com event calendar? There are a few ways to get listed.

“You can create a free account on Tabeso and link your event to #VegasTech,” Chad Ramos explains. “Or you can simply email the details to [email protected] and she’ll make sure it gets listed.”

About Tabeso: Tabeso is the best way to Discover, Share, and Attend events all over the world. From farmers markets or plays at your local park, all the way to the largest mainstream concerts and sporting events. With Tabeso, you have a one-stop shop for helping you decide where you’re going to be. Always be in the know, and #BeThere with Tabeso! Are you a Venue or Organization and want to get your Events listed on Tabeso? Go to tabeso.com and we’ll get you dialed in!