Do you love going to the post office? Yeah, neither do we.
send certified email and important documents digitally with trustifi

Digital Certified Email is Here Thanks to Trustifi

For less than the cost of a latte, you can take advantage of Trustifi ‘s digital certified email services. Their certified email was approved in 2016 by the US Postal Service as an alternative to certified snail mail, Explained Idan Udi Edry, Trustifi’s CEO.
In 2016, the US Postal Service handled close to 200 million pieces of certified mail representing a minimal cost to the sender of over $690 million in postage and handling. Effective March 22, you will be able to send dozens of certified emails for a nominal fee.
Confidentiality has always been an issue with email, and that’s been the driving force that has justified the cost and delays of traditional certified mail from the post office. With Trustifi’s proprietary encryption platform, confidentiality is no longer an issue. Some would even argue that digital encryption is far more secure than handing your letter over to a mailman and putting your trust in a network of people and machines.
Las Vegas startup funds were supplied by RedHills Ventures, which is interestingly the only woman-owned Venture Capital (VC) company in Nevada. Their funding assures that Trustifi’s March 22nd national launch is just the beginning for this tech startup.
Imagine expediting the closing of your home, or never worrying about your important government forms getting lost in the mail. The applications are tremendous.

Trustifi’s Key Benefits

  • Cost saving is the biggest benefit of certified eMails.
  • Fast delivery times
  • Military grade encryption (secure)
  • Savings of personnel traveling to USPO
  • Way more convenient
  • Money saved can be used for more lattes (just saying)

This is one of those simply brilliant ideas that seem like a no brainer, but actually take a lot of brains to pull off. With faster, cheaper, and more secure certified delivery, we predict great things from Trustifi. Check out their site to schedule a Trustifi demo or start a free trial today.