Las Vegas-based The Influential Network is one of the largest influencer marketing companies in the world. The Influential Network creates branded campaigns using top social media influencers on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat. The Influential Network is comprised of the top 400+ social media influencers representing over 500 million followers on top social channel sites.
Daniel Steele“We help connect brands with people with large social media followings,” said COO Dan Steele. “We are the only influencer platform to deliver guaranteed in-demo impressions, and execute 100% brand-safe campaigns via an iOS App on the influencers’ phones.”
Steele says he and his team started as influencers first.
“We still own a number of accounts like @usa, @travel, @automotive and a bunch of Instagram accounts,” he said. “As influencers it was hard to make money consistently so we built our original platform in the summer of 2013. That was a web platform that let influencers send traffic to Buzzfeed like content and share in the display revenue. We found that display ads were a very tough way to make a living and we also found that we do really well creating worldwide conversations natively on the social networks.”
The Influential Network raised a million dollars in the spring of 2014, built a small team, and set up shop in The Innevation Center. Since then, they have moved downtown, hired a sales team, built a dev team and raised a seed round of $1.5m lead by Europlay Capital Advisors.
“Ryan Detert, my partner, and I founded the company and we have so many amazing people,” said Steele. Piotr Tomasik came on as our CTO late last summer and we were super lucky to have Alexis Glaser join our team. The total team is 25 people, with 20 in Las Vegas and 5 in LA. We have been able to build an amazing team in a really fun city.”
The team launched version 2 of their dashboard on May 1, 2015, plan to launch version 2 of their app on May 15, 2015 and then will launch their brands dashboard in June.
“We have about 1,000 influencers on our platform reaching a little over 500 million people,” Steele explained. “In April we have created 7 trending topics for clients and have served over a hundred million in-demo unique impressions for our clients. We are starting to hit hockey stick like growth on the sales side so we have a lot of big campaigns in the pipelines.”
Coinciding with Collision, The Influential Network will host an Open House for the community to come meet the team and check out their Las Vegas office.  Get all details for the event here.
The Influential Network is hiring copywriters, national account managers and experienced sales people. They are also seeking local businesses to partner with to bring influencers when they are visiting Las Vegas.
“For example, we bring people to the Voo Doo Zipline every time they come to town,” said Steele.