The team at JobHive says some startups are “game changers”. JobHive is a life changer.
JobHive’s vision is to empower jobseekers & employers with tools that emphasize the human element of hiring. The team believes that starting a new job or making a new hire is the most fundamentally important human interaction. They aim is to make that process as human, transparent, and meaningful as possible. JobHive challenges and redefines perceptions about what it takes to find the right company or right team member.
JobHive is the first job site and social hiring platform for both job seekers and employers,” said co-founder and CEO Jared Fuller. “If you’re looking for a job, you can apply for the first time ever with Guaranteed Response™ to over 1,000,000 listings from over 600 job sites.”
Jared FullerJared Fuller says the company’s Application Tracking System for job seekers empowers job search with an invaluable feedback loop. His company is the only place where an applicant can track every job they’ve applied to.
“We’ve also brought video applications to the hiring process so job seekers can stand out in the application process and employers can pre-screen applicants with confidence,” he continues. “We’re not changing the hiring process, we’re making it more human, efficient and transparent.”
Jared Fuller says the way JobHive arrived in Las Vegas was organic.
“When we decided to start JobHive, we looked at every major “startup city,” and honestly fell in love with the shared vision of the Downtown Project and #vegastech,” he said. “We uprooted our lives to come build JobHive as a part of that ecosystem. Even better, a lot of our niche hiring is in mid-market jobs that have high turnover (e.g., hospitality) and for scaling companies in our ecosystem that are rapidly hiring for positions like customer support staff.”
He explained that only is there unparalleled community here for creating the JobHive team, but there’s also great business opportunity in Las Vegas as well.
“Nevada is #1 in job creation currently so it only makes sense for JobHive,” he said.
Job Hive
JobHive is centered out of Work In Progress, a co-working space in downtown Las Vegas, and the team says they love the space.
“We have two team rooms and an awesome team of about 15,” Jared Fuller said. “We actively are hiring for a number of different startups who are both in startup stage and ones who are rapidly accelerating growth. First Fridays and hanging out in the 6th street garage are definitely some of our favorite community events. The community dinners are awesome as well!”
The team’s goal is to want to help any and all VegasTech companies with their hiring. Dozens of VegasTech startups have used JobHive to hire their next team member.  JobHive has worked with a number of different downtown-based companies such as Moveline and Dyverse.
Job Hive Logo“There are some really awesome success stories that go along with that,” he said. “Dyverse made one of their first hires using JobHive and one of the last applicants submitted a video application and ended up getting the job! They were about to make a hire and when the final applicants video applications came through, they considered the applicant and ended up changing paths to a better hire. Stories like this are plenty, even people in the VegasTech community who were searching for jobs and got their next position because of JobHive! We love it.”
Growth is on the JobHive team’s mind. Jared Fuller says that while he and his team have a list of KPIs that are important to the company’s growth, the most macro ones are the following:
“In 3 months our goal is to be approaching $100k in monthly recurring income and 10,000 active users with over 100 employers,” he said. “A year from now our objective is to have over 500 employers and 100,000 users. 3 years from now we’re aiming for over 1,000,000 profiles on JobHive and 10,000 employers. Our objective is to at that point to also have a largely profitable company that is also continuing to scale with profitability and consistent focused growth across our KPIs.”
Aaron Levie of Box famedom has been quoted as saying that your tenth employee should be a recruiter to bring top talent to your team,” he continued. “While I agree with his sentiment that great team members are essential to a company scaling, you have to have team buy-in for each new hire to create awesome culture. This is where JobHive stands alone. We vastly reduce the time it takes to make a hire and give you tools like video applications on a social hiring platform where each person can leave comments, favorite candidates, ask questions, and really just empower the team to drill down on the best fit for everyone.”
“And, at the end of the day,” he continued, “you still feel you may need a recruiter, our Premium Managed Listings™ (PML) option is the perfect middle ground for startups who can’t afford the recruiter, but need the extra help to funnel talent and screen out poor fits. Normally, recruiters charge 25% (we are seriously disrupting the recruitment market here) of the first year’s salary where our PML offering costs merely from 3-5%!”
“We have some amazing success stories about changing companies and changing lives,” said Jared Fuller.  “If you have any hiring needs, either email me at [email protected] and myself or one of our team members will reach out to show how JobHive can finally make hiring a more human process for you. Anyone interested in our premium offering should contact [email protected] and we can get an estimate and demo set up same day.”