When COMBASE AG, originally founded in Germany in 1994, decided to expand operations to the United States, Las Vegas was particularly of interest because of its efforts to attract new tech companies.
“Our parent company COMBASE AG is a well-established solution provider for retail chains and entertainment venues such as amusement parks and zoos,” said Abraham Gomez, Marketing Assistant for Combase USA. “The U.S. has always been an attractive market for any technology company, because of the strong influence the U.S. market has on the rest of the world.  As a software company for point of sale applications, we also benefit from the large recovering retail sector which provides us a market with great potential.”
In 2011, Gomez says COMBASE USA reinvented their point of sale software in order to introduce the company’s innovative software solutions to North America.
“We provide point of sale software as a service to retail and QSR businesses,” he said. “Due to our focused engineering team our POS solution KORONA has been recognized as next-generation software for over 20 years in Europe.”
“For our decision on a particular location we picked a few cities in business friendly states,” he continued. “Las Vegas seemed particularly interesting because of its efforts to attract new tech companies. The tech community here in Las Vegas is a huge reason why we decided to establish our U.S headquarters here. The strength of the Las Vegas community, I believe, is its cohesiveness. No matter the field, Las Vegans seem to stick together through thick and thin. Always ready to lend a helping hand if needed. In addition, we realized that Las Vegas hosts numerous conventions and is one of the top travel destinations which makes it an ideal place to connect with people from all across the country in order to expand your business.”
Gomez says he and his team are in a unique situation. Even though they have a well-established product, without existing partners and customers, they soon realized that entering a new market can still be quite challenging.
“When it comes to business solutions, people are always hesitant,” he said. “It took us a lot of time and effort to develop initial partnerships and acquire our first customers. Once this challenge was overcome we noticed a great improvement in customer and partner acquisition.”
The COMBASE USA team recently joined the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and Gomez says they are excited to attend events and discuss opportunities with other companies in Las Vegas.
Currently, they have three individuals working out of the Las Vegas office and about 10 partners providing their solution in other states. Gomez says they are anticipating significant growth in staff in Las Vegas as the customer base continues to grow.
Gomez says to help the local team grow, supporters can spread the word about the company and their POS software.
“Besides gaining exposure to potential customers, we are also looking for establishing partnerships with other companies with similar target audiences,” he added. “Also, we are currently hiring for technical support and business development.  In the future we are planning to add resources for software development.”
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