vegas-based startup comped marketing
A cool new Las Vegas company is offering an innovative option to expand the revenue stream for Uber and Lyft drivers. Comped Marketing provides drivers with a layered incentive program that has no upfront costs. It also offers tiered rewards based upon customer interaction.
Drivers sign up, get the Driver’s App, and their vehicle is fitted with equipment and advertisement. They drive as usual on their own schedule. Once Uber or Lyft pays the driver, the stub is submitted back to Comped Marketing for further payment. It’s that simple.
comped marketing offers a new revenue stream for uber and lyft drivers
There are details as with all efforts. Payment is variable based upon the commitment level of ad placement on the vehicle. Exterior wraps are paid on a per mile basis, and interior ads are paid per trip. Drivers get paid based upon milestones that deal directly with miles, frequency of pick up, and number of passengers. The more drivers actually drive the more they get paid.
Exterior vehicle ad commitments include wraps of various sizes (they don’t hurt your paint), window signs, and magnetic door signs. Each provides a separate stream of revenue.
Interior ad commitments range from tablet interaction, promotional materials, brochure handouts, and drop off referrals. The tablet offers incentives based upon how long the passenger views the ad, whether or not they enter an email address for future contact, and even targets local businesses with geo-fenced ad placement. This make conversation with riders easy. They can ask about the area, get your referrals, and you get paid.
comped marketing setup
All of this doesn’t mean drivers sell their souls to the gods of advertising. Comped Marketing WILL NOT force you to advertise for a company you don’t support. It’s perfectly fine to be socially minded and still make a living. Drivers have final say over what is displayed on and in their vehicle.
You can get specific details on how pay is by signing up to be a driver HERE.