Sare Goitom

Sare Goitom

There’s a new tech startup in town, and VegasTech got a chance to talk to Sare Goitom, COO, and co-founder of Candidate Crate.

What Is Candidate Crate?

Candidate Crate connects skilled, valuable job candidates with the employers who need them.
Rather than sifting through job postings, filling out tons of applications, and hoping that your resume gets noticed amidst the pile of mediocre and underskilled applicants, Candidate Crate gives qualified people a platform where they can truly highlight their expertise.
In essence, here’s how it works:
Only experienced, skilled, and qualified candidates become Candidate Crate users.
This isn’t the place to find low pay, entry-level work – this is the place to find an employer who is actually looking for someone with your degree or expertise.
Candidate Crate uses proprietary processes to match these high-value applicants to the right companies.
Employers have an easier time finding talent without sloshing through piles of resumes from ill-qualified candidates, and people looking for jobs are more visible to companies who want to hire someone like them.
Pretty cool, right?
Introducing Candidate Crate, a new startup coming to the Vegas tech scene

Candidate Crate’s Goals

In his conversation with VegasTech, Sare Goitom pointed out that it’s very frustrating to spend so much time and money on your education only to discover that your stellar resume gets drowned in a sea of entry-level applications.
Meanwhile, companies are desperate to find great staff, and they’re overwhelmed with applications from people who just aren’t right for their open positions.
Candidate Crate was designed to make the job-seeking process easier, faster, and far more effective for both candidates and employers.
Sare and his partner, CEO David Kamwana, wanted to offer better opportunities for job hunters, and better recruiting options for businesses.
They’ve created advanced features, high tech systems, and some pretty cool tools to make that happen.
It’s been 3 years in the making, and Candidate Crate’s official launch is on the horizon.
This will be a tremendous addition to the Las Vegas tech scene, and we’re excited to see what comes next for Candidate Crate.
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