NeONBRAND is a website marketing company. Located in downtown Las Vegas, NeONBRAND specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management, Custom Web and general brand exposure.
Kenny Eliason Web Developer and SEO Specialist, Entrepreneur“Our true love is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and that’s where it all started. After we started working on websites for people, we soon realized that we often needed to rebuild their entire website in order for them to rank better. This lead into website development, and then by natural process the social media marketing and video/photo production soon followed,” said Kenny Eliason, owner of NeONBRAND.
“Having been a native of Las Vegas, I am born and bred to be proud of my city,” he continued. “I grew up riding BMX on dirt jumps in my backyard, and then at skateparks when they started showing up around town. After trying out law school for a year, I decided that wasn’t my passion and turned to entrepreneurship in a market I was passionate about.”
Kenny Eliason says the team at NeONBRAND has worked with a wide range of of local Las Vegas companies.
“Some of our favorites are GameWorks, Oil & Blood, and Las Vegas Urgent Care,” he said. “We helped each of them develop a new website to help convert their visitors to customers, and with Las Vegas Urgent care we managed their SEO and Social Media accounts to help them drive more traffic to the website. One of our interesting clients (but not local) is that we also developed the website and performed SEO for, and if you’re a fan of the ABC show, The Bachelor, Eric Hill was on this season.”
When asked to give advice to the #VegasTech startup community, Kenny Eliason said the company website is your most important marketing tool.
“Clients use your website to learn more, or buy your product,” he advised. “And investors look at your site to tell if you’re going to be profitable for them. It’s important that you not only have one, but that it’s awesome! Visitors need to be able to find the information they need within 10 seconds of pulling up the site, or you’ll probably lose them.”
Then, once the site is in place, he says to make sure others see it.
“What good does it do you if no one comes to see it? That’s where all the other pieces of the puzzle come together. SEO, Social Media, Videos/Photos will all contribute to whether or not your product or service is a success. You need them to survive,” he said.
Kenny EliasonOther members of the NeONBRAND team include Wesley Tingey (the team’s social media master), Spencer Guier (the hacker), Wade Brown (an SEO wiz), and the newest member Oscar Garcia (another SEO wiz).
“Wesley Tingey can make anybody look cool online, just try it. He’s obsessed with manly activities, like shooting guns and chopping lumber for his family cabin. He definitely helps keep the rest of of code monkey’s in check when it comes to our overall cool factor,” explains Kenny Eliason.
“Spencer Guier is a native to Las Vegas as well and has a natural born desire to stare at his screen and code websites all day, and he’s pretty dang good at it,” he continues. “Spencer could whip up some php functions that’ll script your headings off.”
“Wade Brown is an SEO expert by day, and a hardcore poker player by night. His skills in both arena’s put his counterparts to shame as he works on dominating the world one card or keyword at a time,” Kenny Eliason said.
“Oscar Garcia is new to our team, and we’re excited to have him. Being incredibly passionate about anything he puts his mind to is what he does best, and SEO is no exception to that rule. His ability to quickly learn a new task allows him to keep on top of the SEO trends and help websites keep on top of the search engines,” he said.
Looking for great SEO tips? NeONBRAND’s blog is a great resource. Post ranging from “Why Google Loves Local Businesses” to “Information on the Move: Infographic vs. Infogif” give you the skinny on all the new online trends.