Google Developer Group Las Vegas is dedicated to building a strong developer community in the Las Vegas area. The group is a community of developers and enthusiasts interested in Android, Glass, and related topics.
Ryan Ellenberger, Lead Organizer for GDG Las Vegas, is a avid technology enthusiast.
Ryan Ellenberger“I work as a Developer for both Android and iOS for a local company here in Las Vegas, NV.  When not working, I’m exploring the bleeding edge of technology and never stop learning about my trade,” he said.
“When I first arrived to Las Vegas, I found that their wasn’t a Google Developer Group (GDG) in the area,” he continued. “There are over 400 GDG’s worldwide now.  I was excited to jump in and start a group for developers using Google technologies.  With the help of Google I was able to start a group, and now we have a Google centric group for developers in Las Vegas – we’re open to all developers though and there is a lot of overlap in technologies.  My goal is to get every developer who touches Google technologies involved, or even Developers who haven’t.”
Ellenberger says anyone (of any age) that has a desire to learn Google technologies should attend GDG Las Vegas meet-ups.
“We strive to cater to beginning to advanced developers, designers, entrepreneurs and anyone else that wishes to learn,” he said. “We desire to make a great impact in our community and help others to better their lives through technology.”
Google Developer Group
The group holds their meetings at The Innevation Center, a 65,000-square-foot collaborative workspace and community event venue which hosts dozens of tech meet-ups each month.
“It is a great centralized location right off the freeway, south of the strip,” Ellenberger said. “It is a frequented location for developers and those who are co-working. We currently meet at least once a month or more. We have many meeting types and or topics ranging from Google speakers to a simple open topics session.  We will and do cover anything from AngularJS to Chromecast and in-between.  If it touches a Google technology we’re happy to cover it.”
Ellenberger said the group would love the support of the local tech community and is looking for everything from sponsors and more attendees to awesome speakers.
“Sponsors may provide pizza/food for a meetup, and speakers may give a presentation on anything Google related.  With your support we may build a better community that will benefit all who are involved,” he said.
GDG Las Vegas is hosting a meeting on May 6, 2015 and will welcome a special guest speaker from Google, Kevin Nilson.
Kevin Nilson is the Team Lead of the Chromecast Technical Solutions Engineer team, a Java Champion and three time JavaOne Rock Star Presenter.
“Head over to our event page Chromecast – Bringing Web Content to the Big Screen with Google Cast to find out more,” said Ellenberger.
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