Interop is the largest independent IT conference in the United States. The conference started in 1986 as a gathering for networking companies to test protocols such as TCP/IP to ensure their equipment would work with other companies’ gear.
Since then, Interop has grown to encompass a variety of enterprise technologies, including cloud computing, security, mobility, collaboration and more. The 2015 Las Vegas conference takes place April 27 to May 1.
“One goal of the conference is to promote tech innovation, so Interop is reaching out to the startup community,” said Drew Conry-Murray, Director of Content & Community for Interop. “In particular is a new program called Startup Hot Seat. Four startups get eight minutes each to pitch their products to Interop attendees. Each startup has to address three questions as part of its pitch: What does your product or service do, how is it different from what’s currently available, and why should anyone in the room take a chance on you?”
This year’s presenters include VegasTechFund-backed LaunchKey, a decentralized authentication and real-time authorization platform for the post-password era and Internet of Things.
“After each presentation, a panel of experts and Interop attendees will follow up with questions to get more details about the technology,” Conry-Murray explained. “Panelists include Alex Benik of Battery Ventures; and Doug Murray, CEO of Big Switch Networks, a 2014 Startup Hot Seat participant.”
LaunchKey Logo
“We came across Interop while trying to identify opportunities for us to exhibit LaunchKey,” said Gabe Shepherd, Director of Business Development for LaunchKey. “It was a great opportunity to get in front of people that can implement our multi-factor authentication solution. We didn’t find out until after we committed to attend that LaunchKey was selected to present at the Startup Hot Seat.”
“We are incredibly excited to present at Interop 2015,” added Geoff Sanders, LaunchKey CEO. “We get to show our future customers that a password-free solution exists today and can begin immunizing them from password breaches. Interop is also a great place for us to launch a new product we have been working on, but I can’t say much more than that.”
The Interop team invites the Las Vegas startup community to attend the conference and are offering a free Expo pass that gets you access to the Startup Hot Seat event and a variety of other content.
Hundreds of exhibitors will have their latest products and services available for display and demo on the Expo floor. From brand-name companies such as Cisco and Dell to startups, attendees can see the latest innovations in networking, security, mobility, cloud, collaboration, storage and more.
“You can also participate in the Virtual Design Master competition, which challenges you to create an innovative IT infrastructure design in rapid-fire scenarios,” said Conry-Murray. “Expo pass holders can get access to Interop’s keynote sessions on Wednesday April 29 and Thursday April 30.”
This year, speakers include Google’s senior VP for Technical Infrastructure, the CEO of mobile commerce startup Modest, the VP of IT for the Boston Red Sox, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Deputy General Counsel. See the full conference speaker line-up here.
“We also have a slate of free classes, and NOC tours of InteropNet, the production network that is custom-built every year for the conference,” said Conry-Murray. “There’s also free drinks if you join us for the Welcome Reception on April 28 and the Interop Happy Hour on April 29.”
To view everything that’s included with the free Expo pass, visit the conference site here. Those interested must register by April 24, 2015 to get the free pass.
“Feel free to reach out if you have questions, or suggestions on how we can work with the startup community in Las Vegas,” said Conry-Murray. “I hope to see you at Interop.”