Marcus Jiménez, CEO and Founder of Sticky Docs, visited downtown Las Vegas for the first ever Collision Conference on May 13 and 14, 2014.
“We were fortunate to be selected as an exhibitor at this year’s conference. We heard about Collision Conference through social media and found out they were the creators of Summit in Dublin,” he explains. “So we didn’t think twice about applying for a spot, and we are incredibly glad we did.”
Marcus Jimenez StickyDocsMarcus Jiménez said that although he didn’t think Las Vegas was a place known for it’s tech innovation vs. other cities like Palo Alto, New York City, or Austin, he had an amazing experience.
“We really liked their disruptive approach to startup and tech culture, and felt it was the perfect environment to showcase our platform in StickyDocs,” he said.
Marcus Jiménez said he loved exhibiting on the floor of the conference and highly recommends it for other startups.
“The stripped down, low-fi booths using natural raw wood board to feature tech innovation of tomorrow was a great touch,” he said. “The focus on simplicity and not gimmicks really made this event stand out from others. At the end of the day, it’s you, your product and your pitch which is all that matters, and we enjoyed having to focus on the core of our story on what makes our platform unique. Plus the high tempo schedule of speaker sessions and roundtables, inclusion of the investor lounge makes it too valuable of an opportunity for entrepreneurs to miss.”
Marcus Jiménez said his experience in downtown Las Vegas was “very unexpected to say the least.”
“It had been a few years since I had visited downtown Las Vegas, so seeing the incredible transformation to what it is now was great to see as a tourist. Aside from hanging out at the main conference points, it was fun jumping from event to event across all the locations all within walking distance,” he said. “However, the bar scene was just fantastic to have as a nice, more laid back alternative to the main strip. We became regulars at The Griffin, a local watering hole that was awesome with its vaulted brick ceilings and indoor fireplaces. I also recommend to anyone visiting downtown to also hit Beauty Bar.”
About StickyDocs: StickyDocs is a digital publishing platform that brings data to life as engaging content for mobile devices.
About Collision Conference: The first Collision Conference was held in The Western Hotel in the heart of the Downtown Project in Las Vegas on May 13 and 14, 2014. It was attended by 1,500 attendees, 150 startups and 60 speakers including Tony Hawk, Phil Libin, and Tony Hsieh.