Henderson-based Quertle is a growing biomedical big data analytics company. The team has integrated artificial intelligence and other modern technologies into its platform to gain first-ever insight from biomedical text content. Quertle has a long client list including top pharmas, universities, and hospitals – and this new technology will greatly impact these industries.
The development of the first artificial intelligence and visual analytics big data (BioAI™) platform for biomedical drug discovery has been quite a feat for the Henderson-based team. The platform combines machine learning, neural networks, and other AI methods to improve discovery and insight. It’s the most powerful Artificial Intelligence-based discovery solution, covering more than 40 million documents including patents and more than 10 million full-text documents.
Current solutions in the industry are broken, and there is too much data and too much noise. Using BioAI™ can help professionals predict a concept as an emerging or waning trend.
jeffrey-saffer“BioAI™ combines the latest advances in AI using neural networks with natural language recognition,” said Jeff Saffer, Quertle President and CEO. “This will enhance drug discovery, accelerating a return on investment, and improve processes across the industry. We expect the combination of artificial intelligence-based discovery, along with intuitive visual analytics, to become critical to the success of the biomedical industry.””
The platform includes predictive visual analytics that accelerates search and discovery from literature. As a result, it enables the discovery of documents that are otherwise overlooked, and in turn improving drug discovery. The AI-powered visualizations summarize an entire set of documents, detect trends, and uncover hidden connections.
Quertle has spent five years working on this problem, taking advantage of its team’s broad biomedical experience and training its AI systems on real-life use by bioprofessionals around the globe. The US National Library of Medicine, the world’s largest biomedical library and renowned center for information advancement, honored Quertle for its innovative technology.
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