Amber Phillips from the Las Vegas Sun covered Jen McCabe and Factorli in a piece called “President singles out Las Vegas entrepreneur as new wave of nation’s makers gathers at White House,” published on July 18, 2014
“It’s not every day a Las Vegas resident gets a shoutout from the president,” Amber Phillips writes. “But today, President Barack Obama singled out entrepreneur Jen McCabe as a key player in a new wave of manufacturers who Obama says are democratizing the process for anyone who wants to be an inventor.
Las Vegas Sun
“The president is promoting high-tech manufacturing as one of the bright spots in America’s struggling economy. “New tools and technologies are making the building of things easier than ever,” he said. Las Vegas could be the center for what Obama calls “a revolution … in American manufacturing.” McCabe is starting construction Monday on a 25,000-square-foot high-tech factory in the Arts District in downtown Las Vegas,” she wrote.
“Officially called Factorli, the factory’s aim is to help inventors small and large to take their ideas to the next step using state-of-the-art equipment. The factory will be able to produce anything “with plastic and a circuit board,” McCabe said. The president, who took a virtual tour of Factorli, described it this way: “It’s kind of like Kinkos, only instead of printing fliers, they’re going to be able to print custom parts for their new products,” he said in a speech.”
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