Las Vegas-based SEO, web design, social media, and video/photo specialists NeONBRAND is putting on a learning WordPress seminar on April 23, 2015 at Work In Progress. The event is called WP in Session and is an in-person, all-day seminar that helps business and individuals realize the full potential of their WordPress websites.
NeONBRAND started in 2011 and has been located in Downtown Las Vegas since it’s inception.
Kenny Eliason“Some of our first meetings took place at the Jelly events inside the beat coffeehouse on 6th and Fremont,” said owner Kenny Eliason. “We’ve since moved into the awesome new co-working space called Co-Operate on Main, located on Main and Hoover, just north of Alta/Bonneville. We love the new digs and plan on being here for quite a while.”
“We do top to bottom online management of anything digital meaning, website development, search engine optimization, social media management, email marketing, and more,” he continued. “We really enjoy what we do and really get involved with the businesses we represent.”
As builders of WordPress websites, NeONBRAND realized that there is a learning curve to using the WordPress administration area.
“We want to break down that learning curve so that site owners can take full control of their website (and not have to rely on developers as much) since that’s exactly what WordPress was created to do!” he said.
Since the April 23rd event will be NeONBRAND’s first class, they anticipate they are going to be testing the waters a little bit. And that’s why the team is giving such a great discount to VegasTech community members.
Visit this special link on the site to receive $100 off the publicly available registration price. Sign up your team and receive $50 off each ticket. Use the password VTECHDISC to access the discount.
WP in SessionKenny Eliason said that since WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems for websites, it made sense to kick off with a class all about WordPress.
“It is especially used with startups and small to medium businesses,” he said. “There are lots of benefits to using WordPress, but some of the biggest are the ease of use, the expansion capabilities, and the community involved with WordPress. It’s an open-source platform, meaning people are able to build on top of it pretty much anything they desire, and boy have they built a lot on top of it. WordPress uses a plugin architecture that allows developers to essentially “plug in” additional features and as of right now, WordPress has 36,777 in their repository, which grows daily. Think of a plugin like an app on your phone; the second you add a plugin to your website, you can suddenly do something new that you couldn’t do previously. It’s really slick.”
The training will cover topics such as “Using the WordPress Admin Area,” “Navigating Your Site,” and “What are plugins?” Attendees simply bring their laptop and free wifi and lunch will be provided.
“The full agenda is on our website, but in a nutshell by the end of the day you should expect to know what 100% of the components in the administration area do, and should feel comfortable actually using 70-90% of them,” Kenny Eliason explained. “The goal is to break down the fear of even logging in, which we’re realizing most website owners are scared to do. It’s your website! You should be able to change it!”
In addition to offering this same course again in the future, the NeONBRAND team wants to share more knowledge in the classroom with the community.
“Our day job covers much more than using the WordPress administration area,” he said. “We love search engine optimization, social media management and web development in general. Once we get this first one under our belts, we plan on offering similar classes in all areas of expertise, so there is definitely a lot more coming.”