James Solada, Marketing Manager at 2600hz, talks about #ComCon14 happening September 8, 2014 at Sands Expo and Convention Center.
“The #ComCon14 event combines open hardware and software with the uninhibited creativity of the innovation community and will feature tech enthusiasts, hackers, entrepreneurs, vendors and decision makers,” James Solada said. “It was an idea that was floated around among the tech community to develop an un-conference. The CTIA was generous enough to provide an open space the day before Super Mobility Week for communication software and related communities to get together.”
Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 6.59.21 PMIn a single afternoon, #ComCon14 will bring together over a dozen speakers and hundreds of tech players for the purpose of exchanging ideas, debating current topics and solving problems in the domain of communications.
“Communications leaders will be demoing and speaking about modern communications technologies, and how these technologies can evolve to potentially shape the future of communications,” James Solada said. “Comcon offers an excellent opportunity for members of the Las Vegas community to take part, debate, and try and achieve common goals of communicates and the role of tech. The great thing about the un-conference format is that it is completely participant driven. This event completely avoids the shortcomings of typical conferences such as exorbitant fees, sponsored product pitches, boring powerpoint presentations, and the typical hierarchy that’s involved. Instead, this event will focus on innovation and we would love to see the Las Vegas tech community participate.”
Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 7.06.50 PM
James Solada said his team is trying to make #ComCon14 unique and exciting.
“We are bringing with us tech geeks, hackers, entrepreneurs, vendors, decision makers and so many more to this un-conference,” he explained. “Current speakers include representatives from Range Networks, 2600hz, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, goTenna, Blue Field Strategies, Telestax and Kelley Drye & Warren LLP, and more. But again it is in an un-conference format that it is completely participant driven. So anyone who has a great idea or who would like to share an opinion can do so.”
James Solada and his team expects attendees from around the globe coming to Las Vegas for this event, and they also recognize it’s important to not overlook the local community.
“Las Vegas has an amazing and ever-growing tech industry that is doing great things. People here should have a say in what can potentially affect them,” he said.
The event is free to the general public. In addition, attendees will receive an exhibit pass to CTIA’s Super Mobility Week as well. Register here.