On January 27, 2015, Twitter team members will be at the Zappos campus in downtown Las Vegas for Twitter Flock.
Rachel Millner“A team of our developer advocates took a drive down the California coast to speak about Fabric at a meetup in LA and used the hashtag, #twitterdrive,” said Rachel Millner, Communications Manager at Twitter. “It was an awesome event and a chance to meet developers where they are. So we thought: can we do this across the country, or better yet, around the world? That’s how the idea started. The entire series is called Twitter Flock, and drive is just half of it.”
Twitter’s team of Developer Advocates are piling into a bus to visit cities from Los Angeles to Detroit, to host meetups and seminars. The events will be focused on Fabric, a modular mobile platform that helps developers build the best apps. Fabric was unveiled at Twitter’s first mobile developer conference in 2014. Right now, Fabric consists of 3 kits: Twitter Kit, Mopub Kit and Crashlytics Kit.
The team at Twitter says they believe the next great app can come from anywhere so they are going everywhere they can to help developers learn how to use Fabric to build great apps.
Rachel Millner says the hope for the Twitter Flock events is that attendees will walk away having had an awesome time and gain an understanding of the elements of Fabric that make it unique.
“We would love to see everyone in the room get excited about using Fabric in their app, without question,” she said. “And we also want to hear from developers firsthand what we can do to improve and what they’d like to see from us in the future.”
Pawel Szymczykowski“Zappos and Twitter have been long time partners and friends,” said Pawel Szymczykowski, a member of the Zappos Mobile team. “A very large number of our employees are active twitter users, and as a company we’ve been pretty early adopters since twitter is a great tool for connecting people. In 2007 we launched twitter.zappos.com, which allowed anyone to see what Zappos employees were tweeting about. Since then we’ve launched other twitter experiments such as TweetWall to show which products Zappos fans find tweet worthy. Thanks to our good relationship, Twitter reached out to us and asked if we’d be willing to host them during their road trip and we jumped at the opportunity!”
The Twitter-led talk in Las Vegas will be given by Romain Huet.
“Romain is a developer advocate based in London. We’re co-hosting the event with Zappos, so Twitter developers will get a chance to hear from them as well,” said Rachel Millner. “And, we’ve built in time for mingling and networking before and after the talks.”
In addition to Zappos developer talks, the event will also include presentations from Zappos Social and Zappos Recruiting. Check out the full agenda for the event here.
“This event is an opportunity to meet directly with a developer advocate from Twitter; ask them specific questions, share your ideas for how we might improve or gripes,” said Rachel Millner. “It’s also chance to network with developers in the area and geek out. It’ll be fun and informative.”
“The event is open to the general public and anyone interested in learning about developing Twitter-powered mobile applications should definitely attend,” added Pawel Szymczykowski. “You should also go if you’re interested in talking to other local developers in the Vegas area about developing Twitter apps.”
Twitter Flock