Salesforce for Startups
Salesforce has long been an advocate of integrated philanthropy, encouraging peers to adopt its 1-1-1 model. In partnership with Pledge 1%, Salesforce for Startups makes it easy for startups to integrate philanthropy at an early stage. On May 4, 2015, Julia Barrett, Program Manager of Salesforce for Startups, will share how Salesforce has woven philanthropy deep within its culture, why integrating philanthropy at an early stage is a smart idea for your company and how you and your team can get started. The Build a Good Company, Pledge 1% event will take place at Work In Progress from 3:00-4:00pm. Mini cupcakes from Retro Bakery will be provided and the event is open to the public.

Julia Barrett

“I’m the program manager of Salesforce for Startups, an initiative to help tech startups build, grow and give back with Salesforce, from product to culture,” said Julia Barrett, Startup Relations at Salesforce. “We’re a small team, and like a startup, work to optimize everything we do. We’ll be in town for Collision, which presents a great opportunity to spend some time with the #VegasTech community.”

“I spent a good portion of my career in the online advertising and shopping spaces – Tony Hsieh has, of course, been a longtime hero of mine and I’ve closely followed his Downtown Project efforts,” she said. “It’s incredibly exciting to see the #VegasTech community’s growth the past few years and, as a global program, we want to be sure to support its success.”

Barrett says any company at any stage should attend the May 4th event. She will cover the concept of integrated philanthropy, why it matters, how Pledge 1% works and a few examples of ways startups can give back to their community.
“Salesforce for Startups partners with Pledge 1%, an organization founded by Salesforce Foundation, Atlassian and the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado, to enable tech startups to integrate philanthropy,” she explained. “Whether it’s giving back 1% of your equity, product or time, or going one step further to create your own foundation, there are many creative and meaningful ways to #giveback. It’s easier than you think, the rewards immeasurable.”
“Integrating philanthropy at an early stage sends a positive signal across your community,” she continued. “I can tell you our company culture is a large part of why I’m proud to work at Salesforce. As a startup, it’s important to build a culture that supports its customers and community as well as one that provides its employees with a sense of purpose.”