MEDEF is the leading French industry confederation with 80 trade federations and 122 local and regional chapters. The group represents 750,000 member companies, 95% of which are micro-businesses and SMEs.
At CES 2017, MEDEF will host a private “French Soirée” event that will take place January 5, 2017 at the Paris Hotel on the Strip. This networking event will include Axelle Lemaire, French minister for the digital economy, and François Fillon, the center-right candidate for French presidency. MEDEF expects representatives from American companies including Salesforce and IBM, a member of the US embassy in France, and members of SelectUSA and the US Department of Commerce in attendance.
“Every year since 2014, Pierre Gattaz, president of the MEDEF, lead a delegation of French CEOs and entrepreneurs to the United States in order to promote French startups and allow French small businesses to discover the latest technological trends,” explained Olivier Midière, President’s Advisor, Ambassador for the Digital Economy. “The delegation’s visit at CES is part of this business trip. At CES, they will meet French startups exhibits and host the French Soirée event.”
As a key partner in social dialogue, MEDEF negotiates with social partners on behalf of companies and it organizes all the major inter-trade negotiations. The group is uniquely placed for access to decision-makers and public authorities, and leads lobbying activities at local, regional, national and European level keep the business perspective at the heart of policy. Each day, the group raises awareness and shares information on the challenges facing the economy and business.
For #VegasTech community members interested in connecting with the MEDEF delegation visiting Las Vegas during CES 2017, below are members who will be in town for the event:

  • Pierre Gattaz, president of MEDEF
  • Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, Vice President of MEDEF and CEO of Oliviers & Co
  • Olivier Midière, President’s Advisor and MEDEF’s Digital Ambassador
  • Christian Poyau, CEO of Micropole and President of MEDEF’s Digital Transformation Commission
  • Florence Poivey, President of the French Plastic Processing Federation
  • Bernard Spitz, President of the French Federation of Insurance companies
  • Matthias Leridon, president of Tilder, one of the European leaders of communications consulting firms
  • Thaima Samman, partner and co-founder of SAMMAN, a law firm specialized in public affairs, legislative, regulatory and corporate law
  • Gabrielle Gauthey, Investment Director at Caisse des dépôts et Consignation

“To get in touch with the delegation or to assist the “French Soirée,” please contact me at [email protected],” said Midière.