Conquer real challenges and win real money at the upcoming BattleBorn hackathon! The hackathon is a series of events for developers, engineers, data scientists, and creative entrepreneurs who come together to prototype solutions for the mining industry, whether they have any experience in mining or not.
Barrick provides the challenges, the mentors and the current data from mine operators. Participants design, code, and build potential solutions.
Events kick off with Boot Camps on March 3, 7, and 8 to help participants form teams, learn the ropes and get up to speed about the problem’s they’ll be solving. Click to sign up for a Boot Camp.
The BattleBorn hackathon runs from March 9-11 and there’s $20,000 in prize money up for grabs. Tickets are $30 for participants and $100 for spectators, and either option includes food and drink. Student discounts are available, so emailĀ [email protected] to inquire about a discount if you’re currently in school. Register for the BattleBorn hackathon here.
On March 12, Startup Exchange gives startups from around the world a chance to present their tech and innovations to major players in the mining sector. Applications for Startup Exchange closed on February 16.
All events are held at the Innevation Center. Find the full BattleBorn schedule here.

BattleBorn Boot Camps

BattleBorn Boot Camps schedule and information
Challenges have already been released for the BattleBorn Boot Camps starting on March 3.
The very first Boot Camp on March 3 gets participants familiar with the hackathon, the challenges, and with Barrick. People who attend have the opportunity to meet other participants and start forming teams while learning about past winners and challenge owners. This is a great place to start if you’ve never been to a BattleBorn hackathon or aren’t familiar with the mining industry. Can’t make it? Catch the Facebook live stream.
Boot Camp #2 on March 7 is a full day of onboarding exercises to get competitors up to speed before the hackathon starts. Unearthed, Barrick and their technology partners will lead challenges, introduce available technologies and lead workshops on the tools that will be available during the hackathon.
The final Boot Camp on March 8 gives teams one last chance to meet and organize to prepare for the hackathon kickoff the next day.

The BattleBorn Hackathon

battleborn hackathon poster
March 9, 10, and 11 is the main event!
Anyone who didn’t already form or join a team at a Boot Camp can do so at the beginning of the hackathon as Barrick mentors present their challenges. Teams are invited to find their own workspace while they prototype solutions to real challenges facing the mining industry.
Mentors are available throughout the weekend to help teams tackle their challenges, and before pitches are presented and judged on Sunday, each team gets a 15 minute pitch coaching session to help them shine.
Pitches are judged on Sunday evening and prizes are awarded. The team in first place receives a $10,000 prize, and second place $5,000, while additional $2,500 prizes are given for the Young Innovator Award and the Barrick BattleBorn Prize.
Teams retain ownership of their intellectual property after the conclusion of the hackathon, while Barrick owns their own data.
Visit Unearthed to see past winners.

Startup Exchange

battleborn startup exchange
BattleBorn events wrap up with the Startup Exchange on March 12. This exhibition-style event connects tech-savvy startups with the mining industry investors and companies that need solutions.
Registration for startups who want to exhibit has already closed, but tickets are available on Evenbrite for those who’d like to attend.
The startup with the most votes wins the Startup Exchange, and all exhibiting startups get the chance to demo their technologies to VIPs in the mining industry.
All of the events in the BattleBorn hackathon series are focused on finding real solutions to real problems. To find out more or register for an event, go to