The team at InfoSiftr is offering Container Summit Docker Training on May 2, 2016 at The Innevation Center. The event will be a full day of training starting at 9:00am the day before Interop Container Summit. InfoSiftr will be covering everything from “What Docker Is,” to container storage, networking, and security.
The agenda is designed to take attendees from eager enthusiast to advanced implementor:

  • Introduction to containers
  • About Docker
  • Docker concepts and terms
  • Using the training virtual machines
  • Introduction to images
  • Working with Dockerfiles
  • Building images manually
  • Building images automatically
  • Managing and distributing images
  • Using Docker Hub
  • Images and containers
  • Our first containers
  • Running and managing containers
  • Container volumes
  • Container networking
  • Connecting containers
  • Container Security

Justin Steele“Our feeling is that The Innevation Center is the best place to host these types of training events,” said Justin Steele, President of InfoSiftr. “We have done these types of engagements from San Francisco to New York and we have yet to fine venue that can hold a candle to The Innevation Center. It is truly one of the best place in the United States to do this type of event.
Steele says the best thing the #VegasTech community can do to support this event is to promote it on social media.
“Help on getting the word out is very important,” he explained. “We want as many people from our local community as possible. Since this is the first real big event, around containerization, including the Container Summit at Interop, we want to show the world that Las Vegas is the place for this new technology. We have partners like Switch, a founding member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. They host the Intel computer cluster for the CNCH we can become the center for learning, developing and exploring this new ecosystem. Also, we have a lot of great people that are very talented in this area. We should show it off.”
In addition to getting the word out to the local community, Steele thinks that coming to Interop and Container Summit is just as important.
“We ask the #VegasTech community tell their friends on social media and to come to these events,” he said. “Also, we would like them to join us for the after-hours party on May 3, 2016 and come to the Docker Meetup group on May 5, 2016 as well. Supporting these events, will show the larger ecosystem that Las Vegas has a strong and growing container community here.”