Containers have sky-rocketed into popularity, driving dramatic changes in developer workflow, operational efficiencies, and application architectures. On May 3, 2016, Container Summit joins Interop 2016 to continue the conversation surrounding containers in the enterprise. Las Vegas based InfoSiftr will be part of all the action at Container Summit this year!
Justin Steele“We have been a supporter and sponsor of the Container Summit since the first event,” said Justin Steele, President of InfoSiftr. “Since then we have been at every event, by helping to inform the community at large about the power of containers, by providing basic Docker training or being part of talking panels during the event. We were on the panel on the first event as well.”
This year, Steele had an idea. What if Container Summit came to Las Vegas as part of Interop?
“In seeing an email from Interop, calling for speakers, I figured I would reach out to Interop’s management and see if there was an interest of doing something with containers,” he explained. “The people at Interop were very excited and agreed to meet during the Container Summit event held in San Francisco in September 2015.”
Steele and Kim Payne, Director of Business Development for InfoSiftr, met with the team at Interop. At that meeting, they hatched a plan to bring Container Summit to Las Vegas.
“We also talked with the people at Joyent,” said Payne. “After a few meetings, they all agreed this would be a great event to do. That is how we are involved and how we got it here in Las Vegas.”
Container Summit
“There are more and more events talking about containers, but what sets Container Summit apart is a focus on sharing actual best practices from enterprise users of containers in production,” the organizers of Container Summit write on their site. “Some of the most innovative enterprises like Walmart, Twitter, and Netflix have been running containers in production for years and have experience with what solution stacks work best, what pitfalls to avoid, and how to get optimal performance without breaking the bank. We’ll also look to key players in the ecosystem to share insights on how a containerized future will change application development and operational processes.”
Steele says Container Summit has been providing a world-class showcase for technologies around containerization for some time. Normally Steele and others see Container Summit events take place in larger cities, such as San Francisco and New York.
“This is the first time we are having it here in our home town,” said Steele. “We have a very fast growing DevOps community growing here in Vegas and this is an event that speaks directly to them and shows them how they can do their work more effectively.”
In addition, Steele says with the Intel CNCF computer nodes at Switch, the growing use of Docker in the #VegasTech community, and over 200 members in the local Docker Meetup group, having Container Summit in Las Vegas gives the community the chance to show to the world that Las Vegas is a leader in this new ecosystem.
“This gives anyone that is looking to get a handle on containers and this is the prefect place to start,” he explained. “We will have basic Docker training at The Innevation Center the day before. The Summit will have many real world use cases with the speakers and panels to show the power of what containers can do for their own organizations.”
Steele says if you are on the fence about attending this Container Summit event, trust that the lineup of speakers and panels will be top notch.
“They are very powerful and informative,” he said, reflecting on past events. “We have yet to have an event that the attendees did not say how useful those speakers and panels are. In addition, the sponsors at these events really help to inform people not about just their business but what they can do with containers.”
This year Tianon Gravi, InfoSiftr’s VP of Operations, will be a speaker at the event. Another way to connect with Steele, Payne, and the entire InfoSiftr team, is to head to the day long Docker training they will host.
“We provide a basic introduction course that all you need to know is basic Linux commands,” explained Steele. “We normally have about 30 people in a class and it is great to see people get started using this technology and grow from there. With all the events we have done, we have received great feedback on good the class was and we are normal in contact with our students long after the events.”
Check back on InfoSiftr’s website for all the details for the basic introduction course. If you cannot make it to Container Summit, another way to get involved in all the action is to attend the May meeting of the Docker Las Vegas Meetup group.
“Also we are moving the normal Docker Meetup event to be during the same week as the Summit and Interop,” said Steele. “That event will be on May 5, 2016 and we currently are looking at having Qualisystem showing off their new container tools for their cloud suite offering. This is a beta offering, so our local community is getting a first chance look at new technology before it is on general release.”
Come learn how containers are changing application architecture, revolutionizing workflows, and increasing efficiency for developers and operations teams alike. The team at InfoSiftr can get you the VIP treatment to the event, including a discount code for 25% off the Container Summit or 5-Day pass! Get all the details here. View the agenda here.