Google Cloud Platform is visiting the #VegasTech community to demonstrate their unique Big Data technologies. Google Cloud Platform is a set of modular cloud-based services that allow you to create anything from simple websites to complex applications. The event will be on Thursday, September 10, 2015 at Work In Progress.
The speakers at this event are visiting Las Vegas for a Big Data conference in conjunction with CTIA.
The kickoff talk will be given by Greg Wilson. It will be a 15-minute tour of Google Cloud Platform and highlight some of the differentiators with the competitors.
Then, Paul Newson will cover the various storage options available from Google including Google Cloud Storage, Cloud Datastore, Cloud SQL, Cloud Bigtable and BigQuery as well as considerations for each. From SQL to NoSQL; edge-cached web content to data archival using Nearline storage; for all data for all sizes.
Finally, Felipe Hoffa will give an introduction to Google BigQuery and show how seemingly boring data can often contain amazing insights when analyzed with BigQuery. Felipe will demonstrate some recent examples using real-world data.
“My goal is to create opportunities for developers to make personal connections and evaluate technologies. I am often inspired by applying powerful technology to an interesting problem. I imagine developers attending will ask “What Can I Build?” using Google technology. Data is growing exponentially every day. Being able to quickly search, analyze, and find patterns in data is extremely powerful,” said Terence Carroll, an organizer for the AngularJS meetup.
Carroll says Google Cloud is unique because Google is better than anyone at large data sets.
“Search is an extremely hard, distributed problem,” he says. “We take it for granted that we can answer almost any question in less than a second with a massive data set. All that power is available to anyone on the planet for free. That’s amazing.”
“I put on an event in 2012 with Greg Wilson, one of the Google speakers,” he continued. “70 web developers and designers came out to Town Square. Everyone enjoyed the presentation.”
At this event, Carroll says attendees can expect drinks, prizes, free stuff, and free service credits with Google Cloud Platform.
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