On Wednesday, June  11, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ROCeteer and Good Apple Digital joined forces to bring the Digital Download Speaker Series to Work in Progress in downtown Las Vegas.
To goal of the series was to teach entrepreneurs how to identify and develop online audience, create brand awareness, and develop owned, earned, and paid media strategies to target the demographic best suited for their product.ROCETEER LAS VEGAS
Speakers included:
• Mark Rowland, Founder & CEO at ROCeteer
• Ian Orekondy, Director of Search Engine Marketing at Good Apple Digital
• Emily Spradling, Media Planner & Social Media Manager at Good Apple Digital
• Jenna Dykie, Director of Business Development at Good Apple Digital
• Gregory Anderson, Founder & CEO at TenWest Creative
• Nick Kaptain, CEO at AdLava
“The Digital Download Speaker Series was inspired by a conversation I had with Jenna Dykie, Director of Business Development, Good Apple Digital,” said Kimberly Guiry, Happiness Astronaut at ROCeteer. “Jenna has recently located to DTLV to open a Vegas outpost.
We were discussing ways to engage with the community and I suggested holding a co-learning workshop on digital media. We put our marketing minds together and within 24 hours the event was brought to life.”
Good Apple Digital“We chose to co-sponsor because each company could bring value to the event. Both ROCeteer and Good Apple Digital have access to experienced speakers in-house and within our networks that helped to create a content rich program,” she continued. “As both companies have recently launched, it was also a beneficial way for us to both connect with the community, as well.”
Kimberly Guiry says the event was held to attract those looking to learn more about digital media.
“The goal was to provide basic 101 on how to identify and develop an online audience, create brand awareness, and develop owned, earned and paid media strategies,” she said. “ROCeteer supports the VegasTech community through coaching, mentoring and training. We are inspired by the entrepreneurs inside of this ecosystem and wish to keep them inspired to pursue their passion. Co-learning is a key component to that equation.”
Below are three takeaways from the event:
#1 – Gregory Anderson, Founder & CEO at TenWest Creative, suggested making a road map of where you need to be online with timelines and milestones. “Be everywhere your competitors are,” he suggested. “See what they are doing and be aware of what is working for them and their mistakes.”
#2 – Mark Rowland, Founder & CEO at ROCeteer, spoke about brand identity and purpose. He encouraged entrepreneurs to ask themselves the following questions:

  • What is your company purpose?
  • What is your company’s meaning?
  • Why does your company/brand exist?
  • What would the world be missing out on if it didn’t exist?
  • Who would miss your company if we were gone?

He told the attendees that the meaning of the business helps set the tone for the entire business online.
#3 – The Good Apple Digital team shared two easy to implement ideas for your next Facebook ad campaign:

  • “Join now” is a good call to action on Facebook. They find it’s less committal to the user in comparison to calls to action such as “Sign up”.
  • They also suggest checking out Facebook.com/powereditor if you do a lot of Facebook ad spends for your company. It’s a great tool to keep track of the data.

ROCeteer’s Kimberly Guiry says there are many more workshops, speaker series and business boot camps to come.
“Co-learning is a core focus of the Roceteer model. I am inspired to create as many traditional and out-of-the-box events as possible. I am currently planning an event for late July- think ‘education meets recreation to create relaxation’ …that’s the teaser,” she said.
Interested in learning more about how ROCeteer was started? Read this interview with CEO Mark Rowland.