Armando Biondi, cofounder of VegasTechFund-backed AdEspresso‌, shares his experience with fellow entrepreneurs in his latest piece “From 0 to $1.2M RunRate (and profitability!) in just 5 quarters. 9 lessons learned in creating an impossible company.”
“AdEspresso has been since the beginning one of the companies in the space with the least funding, and it’s clearly impossible to compete with lots others companies with more cash,” writes Biondi. “It’s then impossible to manage a delocalized team and -almost forgot- it’s impossible to build great a company on a single platform (namely, Facebook). Not to mention: it’s impossible to scale a company by sustainably serving SMEs and SMBs, and particularly impossible to do it with content marketing (which notoriously doesn’t scale). BTW it’s of course impossible to scale a company with more than 0% net revenue churn, and it’s finally impossible to grow 10X Year-Over-Year.”
The AdEspresso teams says they are growing over 9X Year-Over-Year compared to Jun 2014 and processed more than $2.2M of Facebook Advertising Budget in the last month. In addition, they are the fastest growing company of the category according to Mattermark, and the team only raised just little more than $1M last year.
“Ok ok, it’s not Uber… or Slack, or Zenefits. Still, pretty impressive for an impossible company,” writes Biondi.
In his piece, he shares his 9 bite-sized lessons which worked wonders for the AdEspresso team and might help other entrepreneurs.