Ever gone to an event, but couldn’t find the people you were looking to meet?

The team at IceBreak wants to help make social interactions more engaging by providing their new networking platform.

Within just a few months that IceBreak has been used by the public, it has quickly become a fan favorite application and is constantly requested at networking events here in Las Vegas.

But what exactly is IceBreak and why is it so special?

Read the rest of this article to find out why this is truly the best app for networking events today.

What Is IceBreak?

Networking events willl forever change with IceBreak

IceBreak is an interactive presenting tool for meetups that aims to bridge the gap between physical and digital interactions.

Networking events attract all types of crowds that want to connect with others who share similar interests, lifestyles, values, or goals and have proven to play an enormous role in the personal development of its attendees.

These events are commonly structured around a central presentation or area for people to present a topic and then followed by free-roaming social interaction.

Even if a networking event does not have a dedicated presentation for participants to observe, there are still many flaws with these gatherings that IceBreak wants to solve.

In order to demonstrate the value this app provides, let’s take a deeper look at how networking events typically operate today.

Networking Events Today

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If you are a seasoned event attendee, you are likely aware of some of the issues that traditional networking events pose.

Although networking events are specifically designed for people to interact and communicate with one another, this outcome isn’t always effectively achieved amongst each participant.

For example, let’s pretend that Sam, an aspiring programmer who wants to find a mentor to help him, joins a networking event specifically designed for programmers.

On the way to the event, Sam imagines himself finding sparking a conversation with someone who would become his lifelong mentor and would help him program his own software in the future.

Sam keeps this scenario in the back of his mind and searches diligently for this superhero-like figure when he arrives at the meeting.

After a few hours, Sam meets a handful of really awesome programmers, but he ultimately ends the day without connecting with the person who fit the criteria he had hoped for.

So what does Sam do?

He tries again at the next event, only to come to a similar conclusion, and the cycle continues indefinitely.

Now I know that scenario was quite dramatic, but it does share a bit of truth that happens to many attendees that I have interacted with.

It is quite common for participants to join an event and spend hours trying to find a person that fits a certain persona.

Along with this, not everyone is a social butterfly, and although people may attend a networking event, they may be more of a spectator than a player on the field.

Because of this, many fruitful relationship opportunities are missed, leaving participants feeling unfulfilled in their search.

How IceBreak Helps

Have you ever played the “name game” on your first day of school?

IceBreak performs the same activities in a fun, engaging, digital icebreaker to be added at any event so that new attendees can immediately familiarize themselves with the people around them.

Users can learn about the careers, interests, lifestyles, or other fun details about the participants next to them within the first few minutes of an event, allowing them to know exactly who they should speak to instead of spending hours trying to find the right person.

How does IceBreak work?

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Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you understand just how easy and awesome IceBreak truly is.

1. Scan a QR code that is present at your event (just like the photo above) or go to IceBreak’s website.

2. Once you have joined your desired icebreaker, you will then be asked to fill out a list of details about yourself including your job title, your reason for joining the event, fun facts about you, etc.

3. For gatherings that offer breakout sessions, or smaller group meetings within a larger event, you can choose to join them on this page as well. This feature will allow you to have an easier time finding the people that are more specifically aligned with your interests.

4. After providing details about you to the icebreaker group, you will then have a chance to look at other members’ “player cards” where you can see other participants’ photos, email addresses, personal details, and more.

5. When you come across a profile that really intrigues you, you can choose to share your contact details with that person so that you can stay connected after the event.

Want to see how it works yourself?

Check out this quick video demonstration or click “Take Me To A Live Demo!” on IceBreak’s home page.

Networking Events With IceBreak

IceBreak provides a handful of games for participants to play to make introductions less awkward.

As of now, IceBreak offers these five activities for groups to choose from while making their first connections:

1. A Great Question

Participants are given a question and a QR code to scan.

Once they submit their answer, they can scan other participants’ QR codes to see their answers.

Once the time limit is reached, participants are tasked to match the people they have just met with the answer they gave to the original question.

2. Team Puzzle

This game mode breaks the meetup into random teams of 9.

Each person is given a square in a 3×3 image that appears on their phone and they must find all 8 of their teammates and arrange their phones into the correct image.

3. Seek Me

During this game, users must find the person whose picture appears on their phone.

4. Pop-Up Quiz

This game engages the audience by sending a series of questions to their phones.

5. Speed Meeting

Users are tasked to scan and meet as many people as possible within a certain amount of time. Participants are required to talk about an interesting fact that appears on their screens for at least one minute before talking to the next person.


Overall, IceBreak is a digital way to make your new interactions more engaging and less awkward by bridging the digital world into physical events.

Icebreak is solving the problem of enabling interaction at in-person events. 

The team views this as a wedge product into a larger space:  social interaction which bridges digital and native in ephemeral shared spaces.

With the challenges that people face today when meeting new people at events, IceBreak is a perfect solution that can not only help you find the people you are looking for, but can help bring new opportunities to you as well.

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