What resources for small business owners are you taking advantage of right now?

While I tend to share valuable opportunities presented here in the Las Vegas area, it would be foolish to ignore the plethora of free support that organizations from all over the world are offering for ambitious startup founders.

Many of the programs listed today are from the world’s largest corporations, however, they are vastly underappreciated.

As the world continues to evolve online, new programs are quickly emerging that allow startups from all over the world to learn more about technology and have access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in training to impact the digital landscape.

As this article is being written, one of Nevada’s newest startups, WorkBnB, has just been accepted into the Microsoft for Startups founders hub.

WorkBnB, although planning to launch in 2022, is already steps ahead in the startup world thanks to an available resource like this.

In this article, I want to share 7 awesome resources for small business owners that want to elevate their new business.

1. Oracle For Startups

This is just one of the many resources for small business owners to help grow their businesses.

Industry – Any

The most common tactic we’ve seen from large corporations is providing a package of benefits for startups in order to build relationships with early-stage companies.

This promotes the company’s core services to new customers and hopefully locks them in as permanent customers.

The world-famous database management company wants to help new startups by providing mentorship, networking opportunities, cloud computing knowledge and tools, and more.

Oracle offers a deal hard to refuse by offering new startups connections to Oracle’s existing customers, team members, partners, and even media outlets.

As described in Oracle’s blog here, large enterprise companies are constantly striving for innovation, and startup companies tend to have a lot of it, sometimes even more than larger companies who may not be in a position to take as many risks or experiment like they once were able to.

The idea behind this partnership is that Oracle lends startups hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cloud technology which ultimately attracts Oracle’s customers and the startup grows while using Oracle’s product.

Watch this video from Jason Williamson, the CEO of Oracle’s startup program, to see how it can benefit you.

2. Apple Entrepreneur Camp

Apple Store shop front

Industry – Technology

Apple’s entrepreneurship program focuses on helping founders develop new applications for the Apple App Store.

Apple encourages diversity amongst its company and wants to encourage diversity throughout the public as well, so the program places a heavy emphasis on supporting developers and founders from underrepresented communities.

Apple provides personalized coding training in the form of one-on-one coding sessions where founders will work with Apple engineers to develop an app that is suitable for the Apple platform and is reviewed according to how innovative the application is.

3. Paypal Innovation Lab

PayPal Innovation Lab is creating an ecosystem that drives collaboration in  fintech

Industry – Finance & Technology (Fintech)

The Paypal Innovation Lab is looking to help support startup founders who want to change the way businesses and customers exchange transactions.

The lab provides aspiring founders with a plethora of research, resources, and team members to help them learn while developing new technologies.

Currently, the team members at Paypal are researching these topics of interest:

  • Facial Recognition Systmes For Customer Check-Ins

  • Smart Ordering

  • Augmented Reality

  • Fraud Detection

  • Identity Verification

And much more.

The Innovation Lab is currently working with thousands of students and the Institue Of Technical Education to help empower students with the knowledge and tools they need to be able to navigate in a quickly evolving digital landscape.

For more information, read this article here, and feel free to click this link to sign up for the program.

4. Johnson And Johson Innovation JLABS

JLABS @ Washington, DC Incubator Opens for Business with Diversity at its  Core · BioBuzz

Industry – Healthcare

Since there are many entrepreneurs here in Las Vegas and around the globe who want to change the way human health is cared for, the Johnson and Johnson Innovation team is an excellent opportunity to work with a leading team of experts to impact the healthcare industry.

The Innovation Team at Johnson and Johnson works side-by-side with entrepreneurs to explore new ways to treat patients, illnesses, allergies, and customers.

At the current moment, the organization has partnered with the Food Allergy Fund and the Health Baby Initiative to host a contest for innovators who can submit products, technologies, or methods to prevent food allergy development in the early stages of children’s lives.

There are currently 61 days remaining until the contest, known as the Food Allergy Prevention Quickfire Challenge, is over.

The winner of this program will receive up to $150,000 in funding along with connections to a wide array of Johnson and Johnson professionals and mentors.

If you would like to learn more, read this page here, and feel free to click this link to sign up.


NAR REACH – The #1 Accelerator in Real Estate

Industry – Real Estate

For those interested in Real Estate and Technology, like our friend Lauren Self, REACH is an amazing opportunity to work alongside the brightest minds in the Real Estate industry.

With a portfolio of over 140 technology companies, partnerships in 85 countries, and backed by the National Association of REALTORS®, it’s safe to say that this organization can lend a helping hand to technology companies adjacent to the Real Estate scene.

As of December 2021, the application for the REACH 2022 program is open and will close in February 2022.

Read more about it here, and feel free to sign up here.

6. Disney Accelerator

painting of building

Industry – Entertainment & Technology

This accelerator is best suited for growing companies who already venture-backed and are looking to change the future of technology and entertainment.

Those admitted into the program have access to investment capital, a co-working space on a Disney campus, and mentorship from top Disney professionals.

Here is a list of the 2021 Disney Accelerator Companies:

  • Attentive

  • Bambuser

  • Illumix

  • Holler

  • Miko

  • Mojo Vision

  • PlayOn! Sports

To learn more, read here and feel free to sign up here.

7. AT&T Aspire Accelerator


Industry – Education & Technology

Last, but certainly not least, the AT&T Aspire Accelerator aims to support entrepreneurs that want to make an impact on the future of education and technology.

As many have experienced due to the current pandemic, online learning has quickly risen in popularity and does not appear to leave any time soon.

This accelerator wants to help solve some of the current issues with education and literacy and is willing to provide a vast network of resources and mentorship opportunities in order to help improve the future of learning.

To learn more, read here and feel free to sign up here.


Overall, there are a plethora of resources and opportunities for startups to grow their business ventures through partnerships with large companies.

This list highlights only seven prominent opportunities for 2021-2022, but I will certainly add to this list as the year goes on.

If you are a startup looking for mentorship, collaboration efforts, funding, or working space, these resources listed above will provide the help you are looking for.

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