StartUp Vegas is proud to bring you another rundown of one of our can’t-miss events: LevelUp!

This month’s LevelUp event took place on January 6th during the CES 2023 consumer electronics and tech trade show. Those familiar with Startup Vegas’s mission will agree that CES is one of the most exciting times of the year for tech enthusiasts, and this year’s event was no exception.

CES 2023 hosted over 115,000 attendees across 3,200 exhibits, with topics focused on AI, Smart technology advancements, environmental sustainability, and a whole lot more.

We were proud to bring our LevelUp event to WeWork Town Square in Las Vegas. We did our part for the community with never-before-seen opportunities to pitch the largest angel group in the Bay Area featuring Las Vegas.

StartUp Vegas – LevelUp!

Thanks in no small part to CES, we had a great turnout for 2023’s inaugural LevelUp expo. Our guest presenters this month brought some awesome innovations to the table, with a top focus on smart technologies, app-powered visibility, and the increasing role of automation in business management. We believe these advancements mirror the industry shifts we observed throughout CES, and we’re thrilled to see what else these companies will bring to the area in the coming years.

Read on to hear their stories.

Getting the Most Value Out of Every Legal Case With RECORD

[Kenny Eliason, Founder, CEO]

Those who work in the legal realm understand that it’s important to arrive prepared with the right documentation to support their clients’ cases. This is particularly true for personal injury and medical claims, in which a patient’s paper trail can have a huge impact on the outcome—and overall value—of the case.

RECORD is a new application that streamlines and improves case management for personal injury attorneys.

Attorneys can sign up and provide the RECORD app to clients. This app offers a consolidated hub where clients can enter patient information, track their treatments, and provide all supporting documentation to aid their legal team’s case management.

Within the app are innovative UX and engagement features that encourage client participation. These include notifications, content, and visuals that help clients understand how ongoing documentation can improve their case outcomes.

RECORD includes built-in features that make integration easy in any legal practice. On the client side, automated onboarding tools help users get up and running quickly. On the law firm’s side, all information is imported directly into the firm’s case management system, which allows firms to maintain the workflows they’ve already built.

And, as is the case with any legal platform, security is a top priority at RECORD. All data entered into the application is stored on secure servers and transferred to the firm’s case management system using secure API connections. With all communications protected by HIPAA-compliant security and encryption tools, users can feel confident that their information is in good hands.

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Bunafr Revolutionizes Your Daily Cup of Coffee

[Anjani Annumalla, Founder, CEO]

Given that coffee is the second-most-traded commodity in the world, it’s clear that societies around the globe love their daily brew. However, there’s nothing simple about a simple cup of coffee.

Specialty commercial coffee roasters may offer high-quality coffee, but it usually comes at an exorbitant price that undercuts the contributions of the coffee farmers. You can buy beans to brew at home, but did you know that roasted coffee beans lose their flavor after just eight days? Coffee purchased from retailers often means the beans have been on the shelf for months—far from ideal for coffee connoisseurs!

Bunafr is a complete home roasting solution that blends technology, locally-sourced green coffee beans, and home delivery to create a one-of-a-kind experience. All coffee subscriptions come with unique combinations of single-origin and blended coffees, detailed roasting profiles, and free shipping.

Coffee lovers simply load their beans into Bunafr’s at-home roaster and use a companion application to monitor roasting progress, adjust temperature settings, and more to ensure a perfect brew in 10 minutes or less. Over time, Bunafr’s coffee sommeliers learn their customers’ preferences and deliver delicious roasts tailored to their palates.

Bunafr subverts the traditional supply chain economics of conventional coffee production to provide high-quality coffee for lower costs while they make sure that coffee farmers receive a larger share of the profits.

Bunafr saw a month-over-month (MoM) user growth of 39% in 2022 that lead to $239,000 in revenue. Bunafr seeks $1.5 million in funds with $0.5 million committed. These funds will be used for hardware manufacturing, software development, and further customer acquisition.

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The Future of Modern Living With Homebase AI

[Blake Miller Founder, CEO]

Anyone who attempts a foray into real estate knows what a challenge property management can be. Across the board, properties are getting more expensive to build and operate due to a lack of skilled labor, rising supply chain costs, and unpredictable rent cycles. These ongoing challenges cut away real estate profitability and create countless headaches for property managers who try to keep everything together.

What if there were a better way to handle property management? What if managers across any type of residential or commercial property could gain complete control of their operations through a suite of innovative, automated tools connected directly to each building?

Introducing Homebase: the only all-in-one service that generates positive net operating income for building owners and managers. With solutions for community Wi-Fi, Access controls, and Smart Building tools to automate real estate management workflows, Homebase represents a powerful upgrade from conventional property management processes.

Homebase installs all solutions for property managers and provides a centralized platform to coordinate these elements to support a smarter real estate management process that maximizes profits. Additionally, Homebase features an industry-leading partner ecosystem to integrate a full suite of services across Smart controls, resident services, project management system integrations, payments, and more.

Whether it’s for new building construction or a retrofit, Homebase helps property owners spend less time on logistics and more time on customers.

Combined with the expansive suite of partner services available, Homebase provides a level of innovation and control that property managers need, not just to improve profitability but to prepare their portfolios for long-term growth.

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January 2023 LevelUp Overview

Our first event of 2023 brought together 143 at WeWork Town Square in Las Vegas. We’re thrilled to see so many attendees bring new and fresh perspectives to the Las Vegas tech community. Without your support, this event wouldn’t be possible.

Attendee Breakdown:

  • Entrepreneurs: 56%
  • Marketing: 12%
  • Investors: 12%
  • Developers: 11%
  • Creative: 5%
  • Other: 4%

Panelist Spotlight

As always, we’d like to pause for a moment to thank the panelists who volunteered their time and expertise in service of StartUp Vegas. This month’s shout-out goes out to panelists Marco Benvenuti, Piotr Tomasik, John Emmons, and Alex Tang. Thanks for everything you do!

Sponsor Shout-Out

Our team at StartUp Vegas would also like to acknowledge our corporate sponsors, each of whom has made valuable contributions to our events each year.

To these sponsors: We appreciate your support!

Coming Attractions

What’s next for StartUp Vegas? Clear your calendars for the next event set to occur here in Las Vegas:

  • ReadUp (Tuesday, January 24th) ReadUp is an engaging local book club for entrepreneurs. Frequent reading can have a huge impact on the success of an entrepreneur and can connect him or her with peers who have similar interests. (Zoom link sent to participants after sign-up)

Get in touch to learn more about these upcoming opportunities or to get involved.

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